Improve New Product Introduction – Webinar

How Retail Predictive Analytics Optimizes New Product Introductions


Retailers are introducing new products to their mix faster and more frequently than ever before. As companies strive to offer a better assortment and keep up with evolving trends they also open themselves up to uncertainty and risk with each new introduction. New products don’t have a past sales history or demand forecast to rely on. Retalon’s predictive analytics solutions build a highly-accurate forecast for new products. Our platform then recommends initial purchase quantities and allocation strategies for new product introduction success.

New Product Analytics Webinar

In this short webinar you will learn how Retalon’s Predictive Analytics technology helps retailers:


  • Evaluate demand for new products that have little to no sales/demand history
  • Account for industry trends and changes that affect demand
  • Determine the right time to introduce new merchandise to your product mix
  • Test new products, measure and decide which products to add to your assortment
  • Coordinate introductions with assortment planning to account for new products in planning
  • Account for new product influence on existing products (cannibalization effect)

Length: 11 minutes + Q&A

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