Retail Planning

The most comprehensive, flexible, and intelligent retail planning solution suite.

Retalon’s Planning Solution offers a dynamic framework for multi-channel retailers to agree on their strategy, plan execution details, and track progress. All Retalon solutions are part of an Integrated Predictive Analytics Platform empowering retail users to work with higher accuracy, and in collaboration with other critical retail business functions. Here’s a sneak peak:

Avoid Repeating Last Year’s Mistakes

Ability to restore the true LY and LLY consumers’ demand allows you to build a more accurate plan for the next year

Single Version of the Truth

having integrated planning solution ensured planned targets remain consistent across business units

Flexibility: Plan By Attribute

Retalon's solution allows you to plan by attribute beyond any restrictive ERP hierarchies


Work with great features like one-click export to Excel

Powered by Predictive Analytics

Retalon's planning solution is powered by predictive analytics to provide accurate demand forecasts

End-to-End Integration

All Retalon solutions are fully integrated in a common predictive analytics platform.

Retalon Genuine Planning Solution is a unique framework of processes and tools that allows creating any complexity planning process for a retail organization in a highly efficient manner. Supported by highly accurate analytics it ensures unparalleled user experience.


Retalon Genuine Planning Solution is based on Retalon Integrated Predictive Analytic Platform, called FORETUNE.  FORETUNE provides all the necessary analytics used at different stages of the planning process and maintains relationships between different plans and plan entities.


From the high level Demand Plan where only one or a few metrics are planned, through the entire Merchandise Planning Process, down to the detailed Store Assortment Plan, the process is reconciled and optimized for maximum benefit. Once aligned with your organization’s corporate policies, the system provides a dynamic framework to plan, execute, and track the progress.

Are you still using old MAPS?
(Merchandise Assortment Planning System)

It’s time to upgrade to GPS!

(Genuine Planning Solution) from Retalon.

Retalon planning framework allows for a fully configurable planning process. This means that Retalon can parallel the current planning process in a retail organisation or any individual part of the process – down to specific spreadsheets.


Retalon Planning framework can also serve as a mediator where users can connect different existing planning solutions in one integrated process, providing the missing parts using the Retalon plans.
Retalon Planning provides:

  • Integrated Predictive Analytics support for planners through the entire planning process, suggesting the most optimal way to accomplish planning tasks.
  • Choice between the Rule-based and Spreadsheet-like planning approach
  • Visualization of the merchandise
  • What-if scenarios at all stages of the planning process with the decision support functionality
  • All changes get automatically reflected on all other planning metrics and are reconciled Bottom- Up, Top-Down, Middle-Out


It is important that:


    • Even though different plans are connected, each plan is an independent entity. Changes to one plan do not automatically propagate to the other plans. For example, a change in the store plan will not automatically override the category plan. This allows flexibility to either create specific plans for specific business goals or build a large plan for multiple purposes. Retalon features on-demand plan balancing allowing users to maintain one version of the truth.


  • Retalon planning system works with:
    • Multiple types of plans,
    • Multiple versions of the same plan type, and
    • Multiple views of the same plan, allowing users to focus on different aspects of the plan.


  • Retalon Planning system supports true multi-dimensional planning process with:
    • Any standard of user defined planning variables
    • Unlimited number of levels across all hierarchies (Product, Location, Time etc…)
    • Unlimited number of product attributes (imported or created in Retalon system)
    • Unlimited number of store attributes (imported or created in Retalon system)
    • Omni-channel planning
    • Graphic store assortment gives users the ability to visually plan performance by product


Planning Process supports:


  • Corporate subordinate hierarchy, e.g. VP, Director, Planner
  • Approval Process
  • Role-based planning
  • User Tasks for specific users, based on specific Plan, View, and Attribute.
  • Control and management of planning process
  • Ability to restrict user access and rights to modify certain segments of plans.
  • Option to delegate/assign a segment of any plan to a different user. It can be, subsequently, edited and submitted and merged into the parent plan.
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