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We empower retailers with state-of-the-art, data driven predictive analytics & retail AI solutions for planning, merchandising, inventory management, price optimization, and more.

Our analytics platform is designed with a dynamic omnichannel retail environment in mind. Our cloud-based solutions are built on one comprehensive platform that provides retailers with superior forecast accuracy, streamlined automation, and business intelligence support tools that deliver tangible results.

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Powerful Boost in Sales, Gross Margin, and GMROII

Increased automation & visibility and predictibility

Significant reduction of inventory costs

Improved collaboration across retail business functions

Our customer La Maison Simons wins the Supply Chain Innovation award from the Retail Council of Canada for their introduction of predictive analytics across their retail operations:

Retalon technology seamlessly integrates into any ERP system, and is also available as a cloud SaaS. Our platform offers world-class predictive analytics and data visualization for product, vendor, and store performance.

Learn more about innovations in retail and retail predictive analytics. Our team shares their diverse retail industry and data analytics experience in these articles.

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