AI for Supply Chain

How organizations can use artificial intelligence to optimize their entire supply chain – from factory to consumer.

How AI for supply chain reduces uncertainty and boosts profits

With changing consumer behaviors, uncertain economic conditions, and increasing lead time volatility – managing supply chains is more difficult than ever.


But difficulty presents opportunity. Organizations that turn supply chain management into a competitive advantage are poised to not merely weather the storm – but to win market share from less stable competitors.


AI can help forward-thinking organizations do just that. Modern, purpose-built supply chain AI can help you:

Plan confidently with more accurate demand forecasting

Automatically optimize orders, containers, and transit to ensure in-demand inventory reaches customers in the quickest, most cost-effective way

Instantly adjust to black swan events by recalculating demand, dynamically adjusting orders, and rerouting shipments to highest-demand locations

Bar graph going up -- indicating benefits of supply chain AI

Hard Rock International- Customer Story


Danny Leadbeater, Sr. Director of Planning & Allocation

Retalon rose above everyone else with the science behind their forecast. We were able to trust the forecast they came up with 99.9% of the time.

Top supply chain AI solutions in 2022

Demand Forecasting

AI-based forecasting will yield higher forecast accuracy, reducing risks while minimizing waste.


AI generated insights can be used to more accurately plan your sales and operations.

Safety Stock

Maintain optimal inventories in your warehouses by accounting for every factor and constraint in your supply chain.


Select optimal containers while accounting for factory schedules and SKU limits. Build custom containers and optimize product flow.

Smart Fulfillment

Ensure the smartest, most cost-effective fulfillment option available for every customer order.

Reverse Logistics

Optimize your reverse supply chain for returns, used product disposals, and recycling.

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How artificial intelligence can help build more sustainable supply chains

Some believe that sustainable supply chains that lead to a greener planet can only exist at the cost of business – as if they were mutually exclusive. And this may have been true at one point.


But machine learning and predictive analytics have changed the game for supply chain management.


The truth is, the most glaring sustainability issues are also profit leeches:


  • Needless production
  • Next-day ecommerce
  • Elevated levels of waste
  • Outrageous quantities of packaging


Supply chain AI can help organizations solve both problems at the same time – reducing an organization’s carbon footprint while improving its profits. Predictive analytics and ML can help retailers:


  • Eliminate needless inventory with better forecasts
  • Optimize logistics routing with ML powered recommendations
  • Fine-tune order fulfillment by predicting where orders need to be in advance


AI can help supply chain managers have their cake and eat it too.

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