La Maison Simons Wins Supply Chain Innovation Award

La Maison Simons Wins
Supply Chain Innovation Award

We’re proud of our customer, La Maison Simons, for winning Retail Council of Canada’s “Supply Chain Innovation” Award. The award was presented for an initiative Retalon has had the pleasure to work on along with La Maison Simons called: “Synchronizing the Supply Chain to Support Growth & Expansion in an Omni-Channel Environment”


Gary Craig (VP Information Technology) accepted the award on behalf of the retailer at the Toronto Congress Center during the annual “Excellence in Retail Awards”:

La Maison Simons is a 176 year old retailer that originated in Quebec and has been passed down for five generations in the Simons family. Since 1840 the retailer has gained a lot of recognition and praise for their passion, and mission of searching the globe to offer a unique assortment of prestigious international collections, national brands, and exclusive in-house merchandise all under one roof. Each store is a unique blend of fashion, art, and culture, creating a fashion boutique experience in their large 100,000 sq foot locations.

Just in the past 4 years Simons has doubled its footprint: adding 5 flagship stores, bringing the total to 12 locations, plus an additional 3 large stores are scheduled to open in the next year. The Quebec retailer has expanded to become a national brand as it introduced its unique selection of merchandise and store designs in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. Today Simons has grown to over 2,500 employees that include 48 world-class designers, and over 50 talented buyers traveling the globe to bring the world’s most tasteful fashion trends, ideas, and experiences to its stores.


Retalon team celebrates the La Maison Simons win at the Retail Council of Canada Awards of Excellence.

La Maison Simons was able to undergo this ambitious expansion at a time when many Canadian retailers were struggling to keep their heads above water due to shifting consumer expectations, advancements in e-commerce, and a weak dollar.

The Retail Coucil of Canada acknowledged that Simons’ excelled in all aspects of their supply chain by integrating key functions such as omni-channel demand forecasting, planning, purchasing, logistics, allocation, warehouse management, replenishment, and inter-channel inventory & assortment balancing. This comprehensive approach to supply chain management in a quickly evolving omni-channel environment has supported the retailer’s continued growth and expansion into the Canadian market. In order to build a modern supply chain, Simons’ implemented advanced predictive analytics technology, improved logistics practises and warehouse picking logic, and enhanced its ability to respond to demand and market changes faster. As a result, Simons’ was able to maintain a high level of customer service & a fashion boutique experience in its large footprint stores while reducing operating costs even as the company expanded into brand new markets.

Our team at Retalon has had the pleasure of working along side La Maison Simons to implement predictive analytics technology that was featured in the case study for the award. We look forward to continued success that comes from the combination of Retalon’s Predictive Analytics & La Maison Simons unqiue vision and leadership in fashion retail.