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Demand Forecasting Software

Use the most accurate forecasting software to uncover lost sales, reduce inventories, and increase revenue.

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Boost in Promotion Efficiency
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Gross Margin Increase
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Reduction in Lost Sales
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Demand Forecast Software to Increase your Gross Margin by 5-15%

Imagine how much money you would save (and lost sales you would prevent) if you knew exactly what SKUs to stock, how many, and where — to meet expected demand. This is what Retalon’s demand forecasting solution does.

Use Retalon’s advanced analytics to automate your merchandise planning and optimize for GMROI.

Use advanced AI to know exactly when to expand and shrink assortment for maximum profitability.

Smart allocation designed for unified commerce retailers and powered by advanced retail analytics.

Automated replenishment software to get the right products to the right location at the right time – at the lowest cost possible.

Advanced pricing analytics software for full lifecycle management and optimization.

Smart promotion optimization powered by advanced analytics.

Demand Forecasting Software that Minimizes Costs

Predict the future and stock accordingly to minimize waste, unnecessary markdowns, and lost sales.

Retail's Most Accurate Forecasting Tool

Don’t just rely on last year’s sales data. Retalon’s AI accounts for dozens of factors impacting your demand, including:
  • Product seasonality
  • Size curves
  • Cannibalization
  • Basket affinity
  • Geo-demographics
  • Price elasticity
  • And more
As a result, you are able to uncover the true demand for each product at each store.
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AI Demand Forecasting that Accounts for Unique Business Nuances

Retalon’s demand forecasting solution offers retailers high forecast accuracy out of the box. No more betting on “general data analytics or AI” firms that aren’t designed for the dynamic retail environment. Our platform configures your specific business processes without long tedious customization. As a result, you gain increased forecast accuracy and the ability to account for critical factors influencing customer demand.

AI Demand Forecasting Software for
Intelligent Retailing

Retalon is the world’s 1st unified predictive analytics and AI platform designed for the retail industry. We empower retailers to forecast demand with superior accuracy because we live and breathe retail. Unlike generalized AI and analytics solutions, Retalon accounts for many of the key factors influencing demand. 

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Benefits of Retalon's AI Demand Forecasting Software

Reduce Lost Sales

Avoid making last year's mistakes and know exactly where you lost sales.

Increase GMROI

Outperform projected growth by optimizing your prices based on demand.

Reduce Inventories

Only stock SKUs in locations with demand, eliminating unnecessary overstocking.

Boost In-Stock %

Ensure the right products are in the right location at the right time to meet customer demand.

Reduce Markdowns

Reduce end-of-season markdowns while increasing margins by ordering the exact amount.

Task Automation

Focus on strategic and creative tasks by automating repetitive spreadsheet analysis.

Get an analytic assessment on your data today.

Uncover your retail company’s most profitable optimization opportunities.