Webinar: How AI Can Help Retailers Recover From the Coronavirus Crisis


…Are you closing stores and shifting to e-commerce?


…Do you need to adjust your forecast to reflect reality?


…Do you have end-of-life inventory stuck in stores?


…Do you have a plan on how to re-open stores during recovery?


…Are you adjusting shipments to stores and DCs?

Stream it now and learn how to:



  • Build a short, medium, and long-term recovery plan
  • Get accurate demand forecasts, even with limited data
  • Improve and automate ecommerce order fulfillment
  • Effectively schedule labor

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Discover how to minimize short-term costs, effectively satisfy new channel demand, and set the foundations for a powerful recovery

Accurate Forecasting

When forecasts fall out of sync with daily reality, even short-term planning can become impossible. Learn how you can build accurate forecasts with limited and sporadic data.

Smart Fulfillment

Combining increased ecommerce demand with logistics uncertainty is a recipe for inefficient (and costly) fulfillment. Discover how to quickly automate and dynamically optimize your entire fulfillment process.

Reverse Logistics

As apparel sales move online, wrong-size returns and exchanges increase dramatically. Optimize your reverse logistics process to maintain in-stock % and minimize costs.

Effective Planning

As shopping habits change drastically over the next few months, short-term planning becomes more vital than ever. Learn how to leverage predictive analytics and AI to inform effective planning.

Inventory Optimization

With unpredictable brick and mortar sales, inventory management is more difficult than ever. Learn how AI can help you intelligently allocate, replenish, and balance constrained inventory across your omni-channel business.

Informed Recovery

As operations gradually return to ``normal,`` supply chains and vendors will prioritize larger quantity pre-orders. Learn how to accurately predict and optimize pre-orders for recovery.

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