How to Buy Advanced Inventory Management Software in 2022

Discover how top retail professionals are choosing their inventory software for 2022 and beyond.

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Inventory is one of your biggest investments. In today’s digital era, medium to large retailers can’t afford to stick with traditional approaches to inventory management and optimization. Retailers using advanced analytics for inventory management are outperforming the competition and quickly taking market share. You may be considering upgrading your approach to inventory management, and so we’ve created a short guide to make your search for the right partner much easier.

Here is what we cover in this guide:

Is This You?

Find out what you need to to be prepared for a new inventory management solution roll out

Is the investment worth it?

Learn about the benefits you can expect from an advanced inventory management solution

Today's Common Approaches

We go over the most common approaches to inventory management in retail today

Choosing the Right Vendor

We give you plenty of tips for finding and selecting the right software vendors for you

Key Mistakes to Avoid

Learn which common pitfalls retailers should watch out for in the selection process

Getting Started

Find out what the first steps are to a successful partnership with the right vendor