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Retalon is Now a Microsoft Partner, Integrating Retail Analytics Solutions with Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Retalon on Microsoft Dynamics 365

Retalon announces that any user of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce can use award-winning AI and analytics solutions without a lengthy implementation cycle.


Retalon, an award-winning provider of AI and predictive analytics for retailers has become a Microsoft Partner through the release of their analytics solutions for planning, inventory management, and lifecycle pricing on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Traditionally, implementing advanced analytics, planning, and AI solutions into legacy retail ERP environments required expensive and lengthy implementation cycles, sometimes lasting years and costing retailers millions of dollars. During such lengthy implementation projects, retailers would regularly experience stakeholder turnover, updated mandates, or entire shifts in strategic focus – leading to projects being stuck in limbo, launching to low adoption, or being cancelled outright. Retalon makes it easy for medium and large retailers using Microsoft Dynamics 365 to immediately start using a full end-to-end suite of advanced analytics solutions at the click of a button.

“Combining Retalon with Microsoft Dynamics 365 was a natural step of digital transformation in retail. Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives retailers unprecedented visibility into their orders, channels, finances, supply chains, vendors, and customers. Retalon takes that data, analyzes it with cutting-edge retail AI, and turns it into actionable, profitable recommendations displayed right in MS D365,” said Mark Canning, VP of Microsoft Partnership, Retalon. “What’s more, Retalon eliminates all of the barriers to integration and implementation of advanced analytics and AI in a complex retail organization at the most granular level. Retalon solutions are truly complementary to Dynamics 365 functionalities, which makes Dynamics 365 and Retalon the obvious choice for forward-thinking retailers looking to gain a technological edge over their competition.”

Balaji Balasubramanian, General Manager, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce at Microsoft: “Retailers that choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce now have a powerful set of analytics tools from Retalon that work well with their retail and commerce systems while ensuring a faster ROI from their technology investment.” 

About Retalon:

Retalon is an award-winning provider of advanced Retail AI solutions for planning, merchandising, inventory optimization, pricing, promotion, and markdowns. From inception, Retalon solutions were built on one unified platform powered by Predictive Analytics & AI resulting in higher accuracy and the ability to optimize unique and complex retail processes.

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