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Fashion Retail Planning & Analytics Software

Predictive Analytics Solutions for
Fashion & Apparel Retailers

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Scale your Business with Fashion & Apparel Analytics Solutions

Fashion & apparel is a fast-paced highly dynamic retail vertical that is constantly changing. Retailers must keep up with new trends, styles, colours, sizes, and products being introduced every season. Fortunately, out solution is built to incorporate your unique needs and accounts for dozens of key variables affecting your business to increase accuracy and maximize profits. 

Advanced Analytics Solution for Fashion & Apparel Retailers

A tailored solution built for the turbulent & fast-paced environment of fashion retailing

Demand Forecasting Tailored for Fashion & Apparel Retail

Retalon’s Predictive Analytics and AI engine generate accurate demand forecasts.
Each forecast accounts for dozens of critical factors influencing today’s fashion retail environment.
These include;
  • Seasonality
  • Promotions
  • Size distribution
  • Vendor lead times, and more
Additionally, our solution builds a size curve for every Store/SKU. This optimizes size distribution, reducing overstock of fringe sizes and lost sales.
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Assortment Planning Optimization for Fashion & Apparel Retailing

Fashion retailers can’t base merchandise & assortment plans on last year’s data alone.
Changing trends, styles/colours, products, and changing prices make past data unreliable.
Additionally, fashion retailers must consider the breadth and depth of their assortments.
Our analytics solution accounts for all these factors – and more. By leveraging our demand forecast we can build executable plans that maximize GMROI.

Smart Fulfillment & Order Routing for Fashion Retailers

Today’s savvy consumers interact with fashion and apparel brands through many channels.
They see new styles on social media, try on sizes in-store, order online, and expect quick home delivery.
To do this, our solution uses AI to optimize order fulfillment – regardless of channel.
On top of that, we offer multi-echelon replenishment and smart allocation. This can support localization & personalization for fashion retailers.
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Reduction & Optimization of Markdowns Using Fashion Analytics

Markdowns don’t have to be a last-ditch effort to move slow inventory. In fact, they should be a planned part of a product’s lifecycle strategy.
Our solution helps fashion retailers reduce and optimize their markdowns. Using AI & advanced analytics, it gets rid of excess inventory while maximizing ROI.
In fact, it can even recommend inter-store transfers from areas of low demand to high demand. This aids in inventory balancing reducing unnecessary markdowns.

Promotions Optimization for Increased ROI

Promotions are not uncommon to fashion and apparel retailers. Unfortunately, many promotions operate off intuition and necessity instead of data and forecasts.
Our promotion optimization solution offers “what-if” scenarios showing potential promotional uplift and ROI.
Due to this, fashion retailers can plan and run the most profitable promotions possible.
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