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Analytics for Electronics Retailers

Predictive Analytics Solutions for Electronics Retailers

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Optimize your business using analytics for electronics retail

Electronics is a fast-paced, dynamic retail vertical that is always changing. Advances within the industry and never-ending new product lines create unique challenges.
Our predictive analytics software offers a full suite of solutions for electronics retailers. It can manage prices, promotions, and markdowns throughout a product’s lifecycle.
Additionally, it can help build optimal assortments for each channel and location.

Advanced Analytics Solution for Electronics Retailers

A tailored solution built for the fast-paced & everchanging environment of electronics retailing

Inventory Management & Optimization

Our inventory management and optimization solution runs on advanced AI and machine learning. Due to this, it is able to use your data to generate accurate demand forecasts.
Using these forecasts, our solution is able to optimize;
  • Purchasing
  • Allocation
  • Replenishment
  • Inter-store transfers
Improving these areas within inventory will help increase sales, reduce markdowns and boost GMROI.
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Smooth Product Introduction with Predictive Analytics

Our predictive analytics solution has the ability to account for new product cannibalization. In fact, it also accounts for the introduction of new products in planning.
Due to this, the solution suggests optimal allocation and promotion of new products.
This ensures a smooth and profitable new product introduction. At the same time, optimizes existing inventory to reduce lost revenue.

Optimized Assortments for
Increased Profitability

Our assortment planning software uses accurate demand forecasts to optimize diversity and depth.
It also factors each sales channel into the calculation to ensure optimal assortments. This ensures the right product is in the right place at the right time.
As a result, profits and customer satisfaction increase. Furthermore, this approach also reduces assortment imbalances and helps keep inventory costs low.
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Optimized Pricing & Promotions

Our advanced pricing software brings pricing, promotions, and markdowns into one unified solution.
The solution accounts for critical influencing factors to suggest;
  • Optimal prices
  • Promotion types
  • Markdown strategies
As a result, pricing, promotions and markdowns are optimized for maximum GMROII and are consistent across all channels.

Accurate Safety Stock

Our safety stock module optimizes inventory levels in DC’s and warehouses. It ensures stock is only added when it adds value.
Additionally, it protects against;
  • High inventory costs
  • Out-of-stocks
  • Risks associated with unreliable vendors
Removing the guesswork on safety stock will reduce costs while maximizing profit margins.
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