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Analytics for
Sports Retailers

Predictive analytics solutions for sports retailers

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Scale your Business with Retail Sports Analaytics Solutions

Specialty sports retailing faces unique challenges not seen in other verticals.
Their products are quite often seasonal, can range from hard goods to soft goods and carry short lifecycles. Additionally, some products are quite large and costly to carry.
Our solution accounts for these unique factors while optimizing planning, inventory and pricing. This provides increased accuracy and maximized profits. 

Advanced Analytics Solution for Sports Retailers

A tailor-made solution built for the unique and fast-paced environment of specialty sports retailing

Price Management that
Increases Profitability

Our price management solution uses advanced analytics to optimize prices. In fact, it does this throughout the entire product lifecycle.
It simplifies the ability to manage prices across;
  • Channels
  • Price zones
  • Product groups
  • Marketplace/store types
As a result, prices remain competitive across the board, boosting sales and customer satisfaction.
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Demand Forecasting for
Seasonal Sports Merchandise

Our demand forecasting solutions build forecasts off of more than past sales data. In fact, the advanced AI and machine learning account for many influential factors.
Factors such as;
  • Cannibalization
  • Seasonality
  • Sales channel
  • Competitors
As a result, forecasts down to the store/SKU level create new optimization opportunities. This increases accuracy across the board while maximizing gross margins.

Optimized Assortments for Sports Retailers

Our assortment planning software uses accurate demand forecasts to optimize diversity and depth.
It also factors each sales channel into the calculation to ensure optimal assortments. This ensures the right product is in the right place at the right time.
As a result, profits and customer satisfaction increase. Furthermore, this approach also reduces assortment imbalances and helps keep inventory costs low.
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Profitable Promotion Optimization

Our promotions module recommends promotions down to the store/SKU level. Using advanced AI and machine learning, it accounts for;
  • Price elasticity
  • Seasonality
  • Base-line forecast
In fact, it even connects to our inventory management solution. As a result, promotional uplifts are always supported with the right inventory – maximizing ROI.

End-of-lifecycle Support &
Markdown Optimization

Our markdown solution provides a smart and easy way to manage end-of-life merchandise.
Demand forecasts determine when demand for each SKU will begin to drop. Then using advanced AI and machine learning, it creates optimal markdown strategies.
Due to this, seasonal merchandise gets marked down and sold by a targeted date with the highest ROII.
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