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Jewelry Analytics Software

Predictive Analytics Solutions for
Jewelry Retailers
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Optimize Assortments to Boost Profits using Jewelry Analytics

Jewelry retailing is unique and challenging for several reasons. For example, their product mix often consists of sizeable investments.
Additionally, maintaining accurate in-stock percentages is crucial. Out-of-stocks can result in drastic impacts to gross margins and profits.
Our predictive analytics solution improves assortment mix accuracy. As a result, jewelry retailers maintain high in-stock percentages and reduce out-of-stocks.
This boosts sales, inventory turnover and customer satisfaction.

Advanced Analytics Solution for Jewelry Retailers

A tailored solution built for the unique and challenging environment of jewelry retailing

Demand Forecasting & Planning

Our predictive analytics solution uses more than sales data to build future plans. It uses advanced AI and machine learning to generate demand forecasts.
Each forecast accounts for influencing factors to increase accuracy and optimize results. Plans built using these forecasts are flexible and go beyond restrictive ERP systems.
As a result, planning accuracy increases which stem across the business to boost profit margins.
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Accurate Inventory
Management & Optimization

Our inventory management solutions can optimize assortments to build an optimal product mix. It goes further by breaking it down for each individual store and channel.
In fact, it suggests;
  • Purchase order quantities
  • Smart allocation
  • Replenishment schedules
As a result, there is a reduction in inventory costs, out-of-stocks and lost sales.

Jewelry Analytics Solutions Supporting Multiple Product Lines

Our predictive analytics platform works with different types of product mixes and categories.
In fact, the demand forecasting engine can generate a forecast for every location/SKU combination.
Additionally, the system also works with;
  • Product groups
  • Location clusters
  • Product families
As a result, in-stock percentages increase while inventory costs shrink, boosting gross margins.
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Jewelry Promotion Optimization

Our promotion optimization solution uses predictive analytics to recommend store/SKU-level promotions.
The system accounts for various factors influencing promotional success, such as;
  • Price elasticity
  • Seasonality
  • Baseline forecast
In fact, it connects promotions with inventory management through our unified platform. As a result, inventory adjusts to support promotional uplift ensuring improved sales.

Personalized Assortment
Management & Optimization

Our inter-store inventory and assortment balancing tool uses advanced AI and machine learning. Coupled with accurate demand forecasts it can build localized and personalized assortments.
It identifies opportunities to move low demand products to locations with high demand.
As a result, in-stock percentage remains high while reducing out-of-stocks and lost sales.
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