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Specialty Store Analytics

Predictive analytics solutions for
specialty and gift retailers
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Unified Analytics Solutions Designed for Specialty Retailing

Specialty gift retailing is a fast-paced, dynamic retail environment with unique challenges. For example, most of their product mix is seasonal resulting in a short lifecycle.
Additionally, they have diverse assortments creating a necessity to maintain high in-stock percentages.
Our unified analytics solution accounts for and factors in these unique challenges. This results in increased accuracy, reduced waste and boosted profits.

Advanced Analytics Solution for Specialty Gift Retailers

A tailored solution built for the unique and challenging environment of specialty gift retailing

Optimized Assortment Planning

Our assortment planning solution builds plans based on accurate demand forecasts. In fact, our plans are both visual and flexible, giving more control to retailers.
It’s also built on a single unified platform enabling the integration of all plans, such as;
  • Financial
  • Merchandise
  • Assortment
  • Open-to-buy
As a result, specialty gift retailers gain control in their assortment planning. Furthermore, improved accuracy boosts in-stock percentages increasing profits and customer satisfaction.
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Demand Forecasting for
Seasonality & Moving Holidays

Seasonal assortments and moving holidays create shifts in demand for specialty gift retailers. In some cases, these shifts can be quite extreme.
To generate accurate forecasts for future demand, past sales data alone will not cut it.
Our demand forecasting solutions account for these and many other influential demand factors. In fact, it applies these factors for each store/SKU combination.
As a result, specialty gift retailers maintain high in-stock percentages, increasing sales. Additionally, the forecasts reduce inventory costs and the need for unnecessary markdowns.

Optimizing Inventory Purchasing, Allocation & Replenishment

Our inventory optimization software uses advanced AI to generate optimal purchase orders. In fact, it optimizes all purchases to get the highest GMROI.
Additionally, the solution builds optimized allocation and replenishment schedules. This ensures the right assortment gets to the right location, at the right time.
As a result, specialty retailers can make purchasing decisions with more confidence.
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Product Families & Clusters for
Specialty Gift Retailing

Seasonal merchandise planning can be quite complex without accurate demand forecasting.
Our merchandise planning solution builds “product families” by grouping products into clusters. In fact, the solution can use occasion attributes (seasonal events) to build clusters.
On top of that, it accounts for product cannibalization and new product introduction.
As a result, specialty gift retailers see improved seasonal merchandise accuracy. In turn, they’re reducing the cost of seasonal merchandise management.

Intelligent End-of-Lifecycle Support & Markdown Optimization

Our markdown solution provides a smart and easy way to manage end-of-life merchandise.
Demand forecasts determine when demand for each SKU will begin to drop. Then using advanced AI and machine learning, it creates optimal markdown strategies.
Due to this, seasonal merchandise gets marked down and sold by a targeted date with the highest ROII.
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