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Analytics for Wine & Liquor Retailers

Predictive analytics solutions for wine & liquor retailers

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Boost Sales Revenue

A wine & liquor analytics solution can help to boost sales revenue by 9-12%.

Improve Gross Margins

Wine & liquor data analytics can help to improve gross margins by 5-15%.

Reduce Inventory Costs

Wine & liquor analytics software can help to reduce inventory costs by 25-30%.

Gain a Competitive Edge with Wine & Liquor Analytics Solutions

Wine & liquor retailing is a very competitive vertical facing unique challenges.
Unlike other verticals, liquor retailers must be aware of and follow legal restrictions. These restrictions can influence different areas within the retail environment.
Furthermore, their product distribution is expanding into alternate channels and verticals, increasing complexity.
Our solutions account for these unique challenges and more. This provides increased accuracy, simpler compliance and competitive advantage.

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Advanced Analytics Solution for Wine & Liquor Retailers

A tailored solution built for unique and challenging environment of wine & liquor retailing

Forecasting & Inventory Optimization

Our demand forecasting solutions build accurate forecasts that account for various influential factors. These forecasts provide crucial insights into inventory performance and suggest GMROI-focused optimizations.
In fact, they are also applied to other comprehensive solutions to optimize;
  • Allocation
  • Purchasing
  • Replenishment
  • Inter-store transfers
As a result, liquor retailers see improved inventory accuracy, reduced costs and boosted GMROI.

Purchasing Decisions & Vendor Deals

Our optimal purchaser module uses advanced AI to optimize all purchases for GMROI. In fact, it even analyzes vendor deals to uncover true ROI.
Additionally, the system accounts for business-specific factors such as;
  • Vendor lead times
  • Capacities
  • Merchandise quantities (pallets, cases, packs & singles)
As a result, liquor retailers can feel more confident when making purchasing decisions. Furthermore, optimized purchasing leads to improved in-stock percentages and reduced inventory costs.

Identify Lost Sales & Optimize Assortment

Our assortment planning uses accurate demand forecasts to build diverse yet balanced assortments. The AI engine accounts for critical factors influencing diversity and depth.
In fact, it calculates this for each product group/location. Some of these factors include;
  • Product cannibalization
  • Promotions
  • Sales channels
  • Vendors
As a result, the in-stock percentage, profits and customer satisfaction increase. Furthermore, this process helps keep inventory costs low.

Optimized Promotions that Maximize Gross Margins

Our promotion optimization solution recommends optimal promotional strategies at the store/SKU level. Using advanced AI and machine learning, it accounts for;
  • Price elasticity
  • On-hand inventory
  • In-transit inventory
  • On-order inventory
In fact, it will even suggest the right media type for optimal success.
As a result, promotional uplifts are always supported with the right inventory – maximizing gross margins.

Business Rules & Triggers

Our predictive analytics platform provides a streamlined approach with flexible business rules.
In fact, it accounts for the legal constraints North American liquor retailers face, such as;
  • Dry/wet zones
  • Pricing zones
  • Store types
  • Competition
As a result, liquor retailers gain consistency, automation and reduced resource costs across the board.

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