Allocation & Replenishment

Allocation & Replenishment

Auto-Replenishment System

Retalon’s Auto-Replenishment system automatically determines shipment quantities and allocates products to locations within an organizational hierarchy. An executed future demand forecast is a prerequisite for the A&R system to run successfully. Once integrated with corporate policies and Retalon Business Rules, the A&R system creates a dynamic replenishment process that requires little or no manual intervention. – LEARN MORE

Event Replenishment

A user can use Retalon’s the Event Replenishment module to make adjustments to RETALON Replenishment Rules, such as a promotion that mandates a specific stock to be pre-allocated by a certain date or a seasonal build that allows gradual inventory ramp up prior to a high demand season.

Structured Allocation

Retalon’s Structured Allocation provides for allocations that cannot be handled by the automatic replenishment process. These are usually one-time allocations and inventory shortages. – LEARN MORE

Returned Merchandise Analysis System

Retalon’s Returned Merchandise Analysis System is the only forecasting engine that allows retailers to track, analyze, predict various types of returns, as well as adjust their future consumer demand projections and replenishment quantities accounting for future returns. – LEARN MORE