Optimal Purchaser

Optimal Purchaser

Vendor Replenishment: Calculating Optimal SOQ

At any given moment, a retailer has inventory on hand and on-order, some products just arrived at the warehouse and others are in transit. To complicate matters further, different vendors have different lead times, and these parameters change on a daily basis. Retalon’s Optimal Purchaser module calculates true Suggested Order Quantities for optimal operations of the supply chain. – LEARN MORE

Open to Buy Reconciliation

On multiple occasions buyers can’t order the required Suggested Order Quantity for a simple reason: there is no money in the corresponding Open-To-Buy bucket. At the same time the buyer may have money to purchase a different, often less beneficial item. The purpose of Retalon’s Open to Buy Reconciliation module is to allow a buyer to reconcile the existing budget and allow it to generate the most profitable SOQs. Another use of this module is to help buyers to stay within their plan. Based on a selected milestone the system will reconcile the Open To Buy dollars with the Suggested Order Quantities by a set of transactions. – LEARN MORE

Special Buys

When buying merchandise for one season (e.g. in fashion, consumers electronics, games) or just deciding to bring particular merchandise to your stores once (e.g. a deal from a vendor) you face a tough decision. The products (and often the entire category) is usually new and doesn’t have any sales history, hence it is very difficult to estimate how well it will sell. The task is to sell the entire merchandise in a specific period of time (e.g. it can be 3 weeks or 14 weeks, etc) and achieve the maximum possible benefit. Based on the length of this time period and the cost offered by the supplier, Retalon’s Special Buy system will suggest the optimal quantity and price combination that guarantees the maximum return on investment. – LEARN MORE