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Retalon at a glance: Learn about the company, the intelligent platform, and retail predictive analytics solutions.

Retalon platform overview

Demand Forecasting

Retalon’s forecast accuracy is world-class offering even large, complex, and unique retailers with a demand forecast they can rely on.

Financial Planning

Leverage Retalon AI to incorporate an accurate demand forecast into your financial plan.

Merchandise Planning

A smart and efficient way to build merchandise plans that are reconciled with high level targets and forecasted demand.

Assortment Planning

Use Predictive Analytics to shrink or expand your assortment. Identify the optimal assortment depth vs breadth, and more.

Store Planning

Optimize your stores and ensure that your shelf-space is filled with the right merchandise for each location.


Use Retalon AI to intelligently wrap your plans into an Open-to-Buy budget you can execute through purchasing and allocation.


Optimal Purchaser

Retalon recommends optimal PO quantities accounting for dozens of critical factors that influence demand.

Smart Allocation

A truly unified commerce solution that intelligently optimizes the distribution of inventory with high accuracy down to store/sku level.


Get automatic recommendations for optimal shipping quantities and schedules based on forecasted demand, and smart business rules.

Inventory Transfers

Retalon recommends merchandise transfers between locations eliminating out-of-stocks, overstocks, and markdowns proactively.

Order Fulfillment

Smart order fulfillment recommendations and returns optimization that boosts customer service level without jeopardizing margins.

Returns Optimization

Optimize returns management and reverse logistics with advanced analytics and AI.

Safety Stock Optimizer

“Add stock only when it adds value!” Retalon’s Safety Stock optimizer calculates the necessary safety stock quantity for each product individually based on associated risks (such as volatility of demand, variability in Lead Time, Vendor Fill Rates), an accurate forecast, and company policies (such as desired Customer Support Level)


Price Management & Optimization

Retalon AI optimizes prices accounting for a multitude of factors including demand forecasts, seasonality, price elasticity, inventory, cross-product cannibalization and much more.

Markdowns & Markup Optimization

Retalon AI identifies the most profitable markdown strategies that get rid of EOL inventory on time with the maximum gross margin. Reduce markdowns and cut waste while retaining more profit.

Promotions Optimization

Retalon recommends profitable promotions, media types, and promo timelines. The system accurately projects future uplift in demand and adjusts future inventory levels to ensure a successful promotion.

World-Class Demand Forecasting:


All Retalon solutions are powered by a highly accurate Retail Demand Forecast.

From day 1 we’ve been committed to providing retailers with the best forecast possible.


Check out our customer stories to learn about how Retalons AI and Predictive Analytics offers a highly accurate, reliable, and dependable demand and sales forecast.