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Assortment Planning Software​

Use advanced AI to know exactly when to expand and shrink assortment for maximum profitability.

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Eliminate the guesswork using AI-powered assortment planning software

Eliminate the guesswork of planning your assortment depth and breadth. Leverage advanced analytics and AI to always know how many SKUs and variations you need to buy (and when you need to buy them). Retalon’s assortment planning tools use advanced mathematics, state-of-the-art computer science, and award-winning AI — purpose-built for unified commerce and omnichannel retailing.

An Assortment Planning Software for Unified Commerce

Graduate past Excel and leverage the power of Big Data. 

Retail Assortment Planning Software when Excel is not Enough

Leveraging Excel in the assortment planning process is the simplest way to build an introductory assortment plan. Unfortunately, its capabilities can only go so far. Our software uses retail science and demand forecasting to help you create your most profitable assortment. 

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Assortment Planning Software with Accurate Forecasting​

Establish a granular approach to assortment management using assortment planning tools built on the most accurate demand forecast in the world. This approach gives you a true look at the demand for every SKU variation at every individual store, helping create your most accurate and profitable assortments.

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Benefits of Retalon's Assortment Planning Software

Retalon’s assortment management software is part of a larger, unified planning suite, tailor-made for unique and complex retail organizations. 

Powered by AI

Analyze millions of data points in the blink of an eye, and get profitable assortment recommendations.

Retail Science

Our software is built on advanced retail science and mathematics -- giving you a high-tech edge over the competition.

Full Compatibility

Easily plug Retalon’s software into any ERP system, planning software, and even homegrown proprietary solutions.

Easy to Configure

Retalon was tailor-made for retailers, and can be easily configured to your unique business rules and processes.

Quick to Deploy

Retalon’s assortment planning software can be configured and deployed in mere weeks, driving value instantly.

Pays for Itself

Optimize your plans for maximum GMROI -- cutting bloated assortment while maximizing sales.

Get an analytic assessment on your data today.

Uncover your retail company’s most profitable optimization opportunities.