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Automated Replenishment System​

Automated replenishment software to get the right products to the right location at the right time — at the lowest cost possible.

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Inventory Replenishment Software that Boosts Revenue and Cuts Costs​

Retalon’s auto-replenishment software handles all your routine replenishment calculations while optimizing your inventories with a state-of-the-art forecast. In addition, the software automatically generates purchase orders with optimal quantities, accounting for everything from lead time variability to vendor prices.

AI-Driven Automated Replenishment Systems are a Game Changer

Retalon’s AI-driven inventory replenishment streamlines retail operations while reducing costs.

Save Money with an Automated Replenishment System​

Keep operational costs under control while safeguarding profits. If you reduce inventories too aggressively, you might face out-of-stocks, lost sales, and unhappy customers. So it’s important to reduce costs only in ways that maintain revenues.

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Save Time with an Automated Replenishment System​

Avoid hours and days analyzing and consolidating data. The system intelligently accounts for events, promotions, lead times, multi-channel order fulfillment, planograms, fixture diversity, fixture min/max, destination capacities, container constraints, seasonality, assortment/merchandise plans, and more.

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Benefits of Auto-Replenishment Software​

Built to translate infinite granularity and complexity into an incredible level of simplicity.

Forecast Accuracy

Automatically generates your most optimal shipping order quantities.

Omnichannel Design

Designed to support complex multi-echelon replenishment processes for omnichannel retailers.

Dynamic Changes

Adjusts to account for promotional uplifts, changing demand, seasonal peaks, capacities and lead-times.

Highly Configurable

Configure all shipments to fit your policies, planogram restrictions, pre-packs, fixture min/max and more.

Better Collaboration

Connect replenishment with other key processes like planning, purchasing, allocation, promotions, and markdowns.

Retail AI

All Retalon solutions run on our award-winning retail AI engine and are unified on one common retail platform.

Discover how Retalon’s AI can help your retail business optimize inventory and maximize profit.

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