CPG Analytics

A unified predictive analytics & retail AI solution to

optimize your entire CPG retail business.

AI-Powered CPG Retail Analytics Solutions:

Make informed decisions that drive your bottom line using CPG data analytics

Retalon’s unified analytics platform provides CPG retailers with a single source of truth by bringing multiple disparate data sources into a single location.


Using easy-to-manage dashboards, CPG retailers can quickly pinpoint trends to capitalize on opportunities and mitigate potential issues – driving your bottom line.

Maximize sales by setting optimal prices for every SKU.

Reduce supply chain expenses by automatically optimizing order quantities, container sizing and transit routes.

Accurately forecast future demand ensuring you have the right product, in the right place, at the right time

Hard Rock International- Customer Story


Danny Leadbeater, Sr. Director of Planning & Allocation

Retalon rose above everyone else with the science behind their forecast. We were able to trust the forecast they came up with 99.9% of the time.

CPG Analytics Software


Automate and set optimal allocations, replenishments while gaining increased visibility into stock levels, turnover rates, and lead times reducing inventory costs and maximizing sales.


Optimize operations and eliminate the guesswork of planning using your actual CPG data and insights with accurate demand forecasts.


Set optimal price points for every SKU at every location, run smart profitable promotions and minimize markdowns to boost your GMROI.

Discover how Retalon’s AI can help your retail business optimize inventory while maximizing profit.

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Increase Supply Chain Efficiency with CPG Analytics

Retalon’s consumer packaged goods analytics solution unifies your business across all channels to provide deeper and more thorough visibility into CPG supply chains. This will help you recognize and implement more efficient management and optimization opportunities.


In addition, the system takes multiple factors into consideration and applies them to your CPG data providing you with the most accurate forecast to eliminate guesswork and minimize human input.


Improved supply chain efficiency also;

  • Increases agility to better respond to changes in demand and market conditions
  • Creates cost savings by reducing waste and managing inventory levels more effectively
  • Reduces delivery, and lead times to improve customer satisfaction and revenue

Increase Gross Margin Up To 15% Using Your CPG Data Insights & Demand Forecasting

Retalon’s demand forecasting solution helps you to better plan your production and procurement using accurate forecasts to predict future demand.


No more overspending on production and procurement resulting in overstocks, markdowns and lost revenue.


By gaining visibility into your current performance with the additional benefit of predicting future performance your CPG business will unearth optimizations across the entire operation.

Uncover your company’s biggest inventory optimization opportunities.

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