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Demand Planning Software for Retailers

Accurately predict demand for every SKU, in every store, during every time frame

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Demand Planning & Forecasting Software for Complex Retailers

Retalon’s demand planning software is built on top of the most accurate retail forecast in the world. Unlike competing solutions, Retalon’s AI-based demand planning is purpose-built for retail. It automatically accounts for dozens of critical factors (price elasticity, seasonality, cannibalization, competition, promotional uplift, etc.). This minimizes forecast exceptions and maximizes accuracy.

Smart Allocation that’s designed for unified commerce retailers and powered by advanced retail analytics.

Use advanced AI to know exactly when to expand and shrink assortment for maximum profitability.

Automated replenishment software to get the right products to the right location at the right time — at the lowest cost possible.

Use Retalon’s advanced analytics to automate your merchandise planning and optimize for GMROI.

Advanced pricing analytics software for full lifecycle management and optimization.

Smart retail promotion optimization software powered by advanced analytics.

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The Worlds Easiest Demand Planning Tool

Retalon’s demand planning software is part of a unified suite, tailor-made to simplify complex retailing

Generate profitable demand plans at the click of a button

Our demand planning software automatically builds your demand plan based on your inputs. From here, the predictive analytics engine does the rest. It calculates the true demand for every SKU and variation at every location, accounting for the most critical factors impacting your demand. The end result is a one-click demand plan with a high-accuracy forecast and minimal exceptions.

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Demand planning software for unified commerce

Our demand planning solution automatically combines multiple data sources. It can even span departments and business units, giving you unprecedented visibility and predictive power. Our solution provides the backbone for truly unified commerce, with solutions to help you optimize everything from merchandise planning, assortment strategy, and OTB budgets, to purchasing, allocation, replenishment, and order fulfillment.

Person sitting on their laptop, surrounded by data coming from their computer.

Benefits of Retalon's Demand Planning Software

A truly unified retail analytics platform.

Reduce Inventory

Know exactly what inventory to bring in, when to order it, and where to allocate it.

Maximize Sales

Minimize out-of-stocks by accounting for hidden variables like product cannibalization.

Lessen Manual Input

Reduce some time-consuming manual tasks by up to 98.5% with intelligent automation.

Plug into any ERP

Native support for all major ERPs and easy-to-use APIs for custom or homegrown solutions.

Fast ROI

Rapid implementation process to deploy and see ROI as quickly as 2 quarters.

Full Visibility

Analyze all critical data sources from all departments using one, centralized analytics.

Get an analytic assessment on your data today.

Uncover your retail company’s most profitable optimization opportunities.