Grocery Analytics

Use data to understand and optimize your entire grocery business – from planning to end-of-life markdowns.

Grocery analytics solutions for improving your gross margins

Make analytics your competitive advantage in grocery

Your data is unrealized wealth. It can tell you precisely where you’re losing sales, where you’re constantly overstocking (and being forced to markdown), how to optimize your replenishment schedule and POs, and how to best leverage promotions to not simply increase sales, but improve your gross margins.


Powered by AI and machine learning, Retalon’s analytics solutions can help you do that and more.

Get full visibility into your most important KPIs

Plan confidently with retail’s most accurate demand forecast

Optimize and fully automate routine replenishment

Reduce out-of-stocks and maximize sales

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Danny Leadbeater, Sr. Director of Planning & Allocation

Retalon rose above everyone else with the science behind their forecast. We were able to trust the forecast they came up with 99.9% of the time.

Grocery Analytics Software


Eliminate the guesswork of planning by relying on hard data and accurate demand forecasts.


Stock the right SKUs at the right location at the right time to ensure minimal inventory costs and maximum sales.


Set optimal prices for every product at every lifecycle stage – ensuring you sell end-of-life stock at the highest margins possible.

AI and advanced analytics are transforming grocery.
See it for yourself.

Optimize your gross margins with grocery analytics

Retalon’s grocery analytics solutions are built on retail’s most accurate forecast. This means that on top of gaining visibility into your performance, you will be able to predict future performance (and sales) with more accuracy than ever before.


This will help you reduce your inventory costs by as much as 30% – by ensuring you only stock inventory that is likely to sell.


By identifying where your stockouts typically happen, you can also increase your inventory availability to 99%, in effect minimizing lost sales and improving your sales by 12 – 15%.


And by reducing overstocks, you will reduce the need for markdowns that eat into your margins.

Do a week’s worth of work at the click of a button

Unlike other grocery analytics tools, Retalon’s solutions use AI and ML to help you automate menial, time-consuming tasks.


For example, on top of helping you calculate the optimal replenishment quantities for every SKU at every location – Retalon’s AI can automatically generate POs – saving untold hours that could be spent on more strategic, high-leverage activities.

Discover how Retalon unifies your entire commerce process, end-to-end.