Inter-Store Transfer Software

Automatically transfer inventory from stores with the highest supply to stores with highest demand — in the most profitable way possible.

AI-Powered Inventory Optimization Solutions:

Retalon’s Inventory Optimization software stems from one unified analytic platform that is integrated with our planning and price optimization solutions.

Store-to-store transfer: the cheapest way to reduce inventories while increasing sales

If you’re an omnichannel retailer with multiple stores, you’re likely suffering from both overstocks and out-of-stocks for the same SKUs (but in different locations). This means that while one location is constantly selling out of an item, another location (with a different demand profile) has the same product collecting dust.


The standard approach is to replenish at the high demand store and markdown at the low demand store. But wouldn’t it be more profitable to move inventory from the low demand store to the high demand store?


Retalon’s AI can identify such profitable transfer opportunities, automatically generate transfer requests, and execute in the most cost-effective way possible (accounting for shipping times and costs). This will help you:

Significantly reduce markdowns

Avoid out-of-stocks and lost sales

Rebuild broken assortment across your business

Only transfer inventory when it’s profitable

Shane Jewelry – Customer Story


Tom Shane, Founder and Executive Chairman

Using Retalon, we were able to reduce one of our main product lines by 40%, and increase sales in that same product line by 20%.

Benefits of Using Retalon’s A.I.


Discover how you can automate and optimize your entire inventory balancing process:

Re-Build Assortment

Avoid being left with fringe sizes and inventory distortion across your stores & channels

Reduce Markdowns

Proactively move slow selling merch to locations where it can still be sold at full price

Avoid Lost Sales

Restock stores to meet demand from your overstocked locations avoiding needless new purchases

Healthy In-Stock Percent

Consistently remain in-stock on key products without extra inventory costs

Automate Transfers

Retalon’s AI automatically runs a cost/benefit analysis to suggest top transfers by profitability

Leverage World Class AI

All Retalon solutions run on our award-winning retail AI engine and a highly accurate demand forecast

Uncover your company’s biggest optimization opportunities.
Get an analytic assessment on your data.

Smart Inter-Store Transfers

Let Retalon’s AI do the heavy lifting for you. 


Our system automatically accounts for dozens of key factors (such as picking and logistics costs) associated with each transfer. It also analyzes demand forecasts at both locations, and compares the financial benefits of potential transfers to alternative options (such as markdowns and new purchases). 


This all happens in the background. You simply get a clear action plan for only the most profitable transfers — proactively.


Just approve the transfers you’d like to execute, and enjoy the additional sales at a higher gross margin.

Balancing Your Assortment

Apart from using this tool to transfer overstocked inventory to locations running out of stock, there are several other power uses you will have in your arsenal.


This tool will rebuild assortment across your business. Whether you’re missing core sizes in a fashion store, or simply have low inventory on key items after a seasonal peak, our system will analyze your situation and automatically rebuild your product mix at each location.


You can also use this tool to build-up new stores from the overstock in your existing locations. Avoid needless purchases for new stores, while getting rid of slow moving inventory from other locations.

A System to Minimize Inter-Store Transfers

“We already transfer inventory, and we try to avoid it.”


This is a common point we hear from retailers.


But our solution is not a retroactive approach. If you’re transferring inventory when you notice an out-of-stock, you’re already too late. You’ve already lost the sale (and are likely experiencing overstocks and carrying costs at other stores). 


Retalon is proactive and highly intelligent. Transfer recommendations are provided before you experience lost sales or markdowns.

The tool also sorts transfers by profitability, so you can significantly reduce total store transfers by acting only on the most profitable ones. 

Discover how Retalon’s AI can help your retail business optimize inventory and maximize profit