Inventory Balancing & Optimization Software

Get the Right Products, to the Right Channels, at the Right Time.

Retalon’s predictive analytics engine analyzes every single influencing factor of a retail supply chain, and recommends the optimal inter-store transfer schedule to move merchandise from stores where it is collecting dust on the shelf to stores where the same products are out-of-stock and in high demand. proactively.

Re-Build Assortment Across Stores

Avoid being left with fringe sizes and inventory distortion across your stores & channels

Decrease Out-of-Stocks & Lost Sales

Eliminate lost sales in stores with increased demand, and carrying costs in stores with diminished demand

Eliminate Needless New Purchases

Avoid new order for products you already own by moving inventory where it sells

Boost Sales & Customer Service Level

Increased and maintained In-Stock % boosts sales and customer appreciation

Powered by Predictive Analytics

Retalon's planning solution is powered by predictive analytics to provide accurate demand forecasts

End-to-End Integration

All Retalon solutions are fully integrated in a common predictive analytics platform



Inventory Distortion causes retailers to experience lost sales on hot selling items in one location while the same products are in abundance in other slow-selling locations. This is especially true after seasonal events, promotions, and new product launches. Unbalanced inventory and broken assortment causes overstocks, carrying costs, lost sales, unnecessary markdowns, and needless new purchases.




If a company has 100 locations with only 1,000 SKU’s calculating & analyzing possible inter-store transfers means manually looking through over 10,000,000 possible combinations. This process often drains resources and rarely produces tangible results. Retalon’s Inventory & Assortment Balancing is a powerfully versatile solution that intelligently recommends inventory transfers to satisfy multiple scenarios. It automatically & proactivly identifies the most profitable transfers in seconds. The solution is built on a Predictive Analytic platform that determines the “Net Benefit” of multiple factors including a highly accurate demand forecast as well as aging, transfer and transportation costs, store proximity and size. This enables retailers to quickly pinpoint the most profitable transfers in their business and act on it proactively to avoid lost sales and costly markdowns.

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There are many great uses to Retalon’s inventory & assortment balancing module. Here are some common examples:


Avoiding Out-of-Stocks & Overstocks: One of the most popular uses for this module is to ensure that you maintain a high In-Stock % on top performing products/locations while simultaneously reducing overstock by moving the inventory to where it will be sold faster and at full price.


Re-Building Assortment: Whether it’s the core sizes that are missing in a fashion store, or an electronics retailer out of the top-selling DSLR cameras, a broken assortment leads to lost sales, and significant reduction in customer service level. Retalon automatically re-builds your assortment in each store or channel to ensure that you’re offering an optimal assortment depth vs diversity and maintaining a high In-Stock % on top performing products.


New Store Openings: The system will intelligently build the merchandise/assortment of a new store from overstocked inventory you already own in other locations of DC. The new store is able to carry inventory that had a very low chance of being sold at full price elsewhere, and avoids needless/costly new purchases.


Smart Fulfillment: Consumer expectations have changed, today’s customers expect a consistent shopping experience through all channels (Stores, Web, and Mobile) with speedy and convenient fulfillment. This is why Retalon’s solutions are designed for Omni-Channel retailers. If you are fulfilling online orders from stores, the system will automatically account for online orders and proactively bring merchandise to the right location to fulfill online order proactively without breaking your store assortment.

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