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Forecasting Software

Use AI-based forecasting to reduce your inventory by 30% while increasing your sales 12-15%

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AI-driven inventory forecasting software for reducing costs and boosting profits

Predict exactly how many units you need to order – for each SKU at every location – using award-winning AI and machine learning. Purpose-built for retailers, Retalon’s inventory forecasting tools account for dozens of variables impacting inventory demand (including sales history, seasonality, price elasticity, cannibalization, competition, etc.) to ensure an accurate forecast.

Combine inventory forecasting with retail automation to reduce operational costs

Retalon’s forecast unifies your entire retailing process, from planning to inventory to initial pricing and markdowns.

Plan confidently in uncertain times with inventory forecasting software

Our inventory forecasting solution can help you predict the future with confidence. In fact, we do this by combining your data with our powerful AI engine which is purpose-built for retail. Due to this, it accounts for hundreds of factors influencing demand of your inventory. This ensures you have the most accurate inventory forecast possible.
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Inventory forecasting tool that boosts your gross margins

Our inventory forecasting solution has one goal in mind – help improve gross margins. Not only through a reduction of costs, but also through a boost in sales. Using AI and machine learning, the solution generates forecasts based on demand. In fact, it does this down to a SKU level ensuring you only stock in-demand inventory. Additionally, it can identify lost sales and learn from past data. This allows you to optimize future inventory and boost gross margins.
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Benefits of Retalon's AI inventory forecasting software

How an accurate inventory forecast will help you run a leaner, more profitable business

Improved Sales

Avoid making last year's mistakes and know exactly where you lose sales.

Reduce Markdowns

Safeguard your margins and reduce end-of-seasons markdowns by ordering just the right amount.

Eliminate Overstock

Only stock SKUs in locations with demand, and eliminate unnecessary overstocking.

Delighted Customer

Delight your customers and ensure they always find what they're looking for at your stores.

Refined Automation

Automate repetitive, manual spreadsheet analysis and reconciliation -- focus on strategic and creative tasks.

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