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Retail Inventory Optimization Software

A unified suite of inventory optimization solutions powered by advanced analytics and retail AI.

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Retail inventory optimization that slashes costs, boosts sales, and maximizes GMROI

Retalon offers award-winning artificial intelligence solutions for inventory optimization — designed specifically for medium and large retail businesses. Our advanced analytics and retail AI engine is highly configurable and can be rolled out in mere months for even the most complex and specialized retail organizations.

Use AI to calculate ideal order quantities and automatically generate optimized POs for all retail channels.

Smart allocation designed for unified commerce retailers and powered by advanced retail analytics.

Use AI to get the right products to the right location at the right time – at the lowest cost possible.

Automatically transfer inventory from stores with the highest supply to stores with highest demand — in the most profitable way possible.

Use AI to only add safety stock when it adds value while also reducing inventories and operational costs without losing sales.

Check Out Retalon's AI-Powered Inventory Optimization Solutions​

Discover the advantages of pairing advanced retail AI with inventory optimization solutions.


Retalon leverages retail-specific AI and predictive analytics to optimize purchasing decisions. Our system accounts for many factors that influence product demand while optimizing stock levels across omnichannel retail businesses. This allows you to take advantage of intelligent automation while having granular visibility and control over purchasing decisions.
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Smart Allocation

Designed for unified commerce retailers, Retalon’s allocation solution ensures you get the right inventory, to the right location, at the right time. The system accounts for many influencing factors down to the location/SKU level, such as;
  • merchandise plans
  • upcoming promotions,
  • inventory levels,
  • demand forecasts,
  • product seasonality
This allows you to make smart allocation decisions using the optimal allocation recommendations.

Auto Replenishment

AI and Predictive Analytics power Retalon’s replenishment software offering accurate demand forecasts. These forecasts will recommend your optimal suggested order quantities, every time. Our system is also self-learning – adjusting to reality on the ground. As a result, you get optimal inventory level recommendations through any changes in your business. This reduces human input and allows you to focus on more strategic, high-leverage activities.
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Store Transfers & Assortment Balancing

Retalon’s unique store transfer and assortment balancing solution uses AI to analyze demand forecasts for each location. This process reveals locations with slow sell-thru rates and where these products are running low and are in high demand. As a result, it recommends the most profitable transfers across your business by only moving inventory when it makes sense.

Safety Stock Optimizer

Retalon’s Safety Stock Optimizer leverages AI and predictive analytics to only add stock when it adds value. The system finds the optimal balance between the risk of out-of-stocks and the cost of carrying excess inventory. This reduces the risk of carrying products that have a low chance of selling, leading to overstocks and markdowns. Additionally, it protects the best products by maintaining an optimal In-Stock percentage.
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Benefits of Retalon's Retail Inventory Optimization Solutions

Healthy In-Stock %

Maintain a consistently healthy In-Stock % for new and seasonal items and even your most dynamic products.

Pro Omnichannel

Retalon's AI and advanced analytics is specifically designed for complex, omnichannel specialty retailing.

Smart Simulation

Test new scenarios, rules, and constraints before implementation - enabling more profitable decisions.

Pays for Itself

You get tangible ROI. Our solutions are guaranteed to pay for themselves within 1 quarter of deployment.

AI Technology

Retalon's core competency is the science behind solutions - leading analytics advancement in retail.

Cut Inventory Costs

Significantly reduce your markdowns, needless purchases, and resource costs using more accurate demand forecasts.

Get an analytic assessment on your data today.

Uncover your retail company’s most profitable optimization opportunities.