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Inventory Optimization Solutions:

Retalon’s Inventory Optimization software stems from one unified analytic platform that is integrated with our planning and price optimization solutions.

Retail Inventory Optimization that Slashes Costs, Boosts Sales and Maximizes GMROI

Retalon offers award-winning artificial intelligence solutions for inventory optimization — designed specifically for medium and large retail businesses. Our advanced analytics and retail AI engine is highly configurable and can be rolled out in mere months for even the most complex and specialized retail organizations.


Discover powerful benefits with our smart retail inventory optimization solution suite:

Optimally balance inventory and assortment across your omni-channel business

Intelligently reduce inventory costs while simultaneously boosting sales and GMROI

Get smart recommendations for optimal order fulfillment and returns

Leverage AI and accurate inventory forecasting to effectively adjust to changes in your business

Hard Rock International- Customer Story


Danny Leadbeater, Sr. Director of Planning & Allocation

Retalon rose above everyone else with the science behind their forecast. We were able to trust the forecast they came up with 99.9% of the time.

Benefits of Retalon’s Retail Inventory

Optimization Software


Discover the advantages of pairing advanced retail AI with inventory optimization solutions.

Maintain high In-Stock %

Retalon consistently maintains healthy In-Stock % for new and seasonal items and even your most dynamic products.

Analytics for Unified Commerce

Retalon’s AI and advanced retail analytics is specifically designed for complex supply chains and specialty retailers.

Pays for itself

You get tangible ROI. Our solutions are guaranteed to pay for themselves within 1 quarter of deployment.

Smart Inventory Simulation

Test new scenarios, rules, and constraints to anticipate ROI and generate stock optimization recommendations proactively.

Slash Inventory Costs

Significantly reduce your markdowns, needless purchases, and resource costs -- while boosting GMROI.

World-Class AI for Retail

Our core competency is the science behind our highly accurate demand forecast and analytics solutions providing unparalleled stock optimization opportunities.

Discover how Retalon’s AI can help your retail business optimize inventory while maximizing profit.

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Purchasing is a key decision that makes or breaks retailers. But in today’s dynamic retailing environment, making the optimal decision requires careful analysis of many factors simultaneously. Doing this manually is ineffective, and generic enterprise automation is also inaccurate and costly.


Retalon leverages retail-specific AI and predictive analytics to optimize purchasing decisions. The system accounts for many factors that influence product demand such as inventory, forecasts, planned assortment, supply chain risks, vendor constraints, shipment schedules, promotions, and more.


This allows you to take advantage of intelligent automation while having granular visibility and control over purchasing decisions. The system optimizes stock levels across omni-channel business for stores, e-commerce, warehouses, and 3rd party partners. It also offers flexible order management that supports multi-echelon replenishment, and any type of fulfillment methods.


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Smart Allocation

Allocate the right inventory, to the right location, at the right time — more efficiently than ever before.

Retalon’s allocation solution is designed for unified commerce retailers that are looking for a competitive edge in today’s dynamic retail industry.

Our system is highly flexible and configurable to fit your unique supply chain process, optimizing allocation to any combination of channels, including:

  • Import DCs
  • Regional DCs
  • Multiple store types
  • E-commerce storefronts
  • All fulfillment methods
  • And more

Retalon’s AI and Predictive Analytics engine allows you to work smarter, not harder. The system intelligently accounts for all of your merchandise plans, upcoming promotions, inventory levels, demand forecasts, product seasonality —  and many other influencing factors down to the location/SKU level — to make optimal allocation recommendations.


Moreover, our allocations software offers an easy way to manage limited or constrained inventory, pre-allocation scenarios, and improved collaboration with other key functions such as planning, purchasing, and replenishment.


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Simons – Customer Story


Gary Craig, VP, Information Technology

Retalon has given us the ability to reduce the time we spend on replenishment and automate it. We're getting the right product at the right store at the right time without much buyer involvement.

Auto Replenishment

Save money and time while automating inventory replenishment in your retail business. Leverage advanced analytics to avoid out-of-stocks, lost sales, excess inventory, and markdowns.


AI and Predictive Analytics power Retalon’s replenishment software to offer a highly accurate demand forecast that recommends the optimal suggested order quantities every time. Our multi-echelon solution supports a wide range of complex supply chains with any combination of store types, warehouses, DCs, e-commerce storefronts and other channels.


The system intelligently accounts for events, promotions, lead times, multi-channel order fulfillment, planograms, fixture diversity, fixture min/max, destination capacities, container constraints, seasonality, assortment/merchandise plans, and much more. Our system is also self-learning — proactively adjusting to reality on the ground in order to dynamically recommend optimal inventory levels through any changes in your business.


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Store Transfers & Assortment Balancing

Proactively transfer merchandise from locations with slowing sell-thru rates to locations where these products are running low and are in high demand.


Retalon AI automatically accounts for dozens of key factors (such as picking and logistics costs) associated with each transfer. It also analyzes demand forecasts at both locations to recommend the most profitable transfers across your business.


Avoid needless markdowns, retroactive purchases, and lost sales, and boost GMROI with minimal human intervention. Reduce transfers between stores by only moving inventory when it makes sense, significantly reducing cost and boosting profitability.


This unique solution has also been successfully used to rebuild assortment across the business (eg. missing sizes), and to build new stores from existing overstock.


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Safety Stock Optimizer

Only add stock when it adds value. Retalon’s Safety Stock Optimizer leverages AI and predictive analytics to find the optimal balance between the risk of out-of-stocks and the cost of carrying excess inventory in warehouses, DCs, and backrooms.


The system calculates the necessary safety stock quantity for each product individually based on associated risks (such as volatility of demand, variability in Lead Time, Vendor Fill Rates), an accurate forecast, and company policies (such as desired Customer Support Level)


Retailers are able to avoid bringing additional products that have a low chance of selling and lead to overstocks and markdowns while protecting their best products by maintaining an optimal In-Stock percentage.


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