Inventory Planning Software for Retailers

Reduce inventory by 30% while ensuring you don’t lose sales to out-of-stocks

AI-Powered Inventory Optimization Solutions:

Retalon’s Inventory Optimization software stems from one unified analytic platform that is integrated with our planning and price optimization solutions.

Inventory planning software with predictive analytics and AI

The goal of any effective inventory planning process is to minimize stock while maximizing inventory availability. This is where Retalon excels.


Leveraging the most accurate retail demand forecast in the world, Retalon predicts inventory demand at each location, optimizes your purchasing and POs, automates your replenishment, and proactively suggests profitable inventory transfers.


Our demand and inventory planning software will help you:

Reduce inventory and cut inventory-related costs by 30% without hurting your sales

Maximize in-stock percentage to increase your sales by 12 - 15%

Minimize unnecessary markdowns by eliminating overstock

Save dozens of hours every month on tedious and repetitive replenishment related tasks

The world’s biggest retailers trust Retalon’s inventory planning system

Simons – Fashion Retailer


Peter Simons, President & CEO

We have to make a lot more decisions based on probability. The better decision we make, the more it comes back to benefit everyone -- the customer, the environment, and Simons. Retalon is really at the heart of making those better decisions.

Unified Demand and Inventory Planning Software


Retalon’s inventory planning software does all the heavy lifting

Accurate Planning

Leverage retail’s most accurate demand forecast to ensure you stock the right inventory, at the right places, at the right time.

Optimal Purchasing

Automatically generate POs at the right time, optimized for cost and vendor lead-time variability.

Smart Allocation

Maintain your assortment health and in-stock percentage by ensuring the right inventory goes to the right channels.

Automatic Replenishment

Eliminate the manual, error-prone processes for replenishing inventory. Ensure a high inventory availability.

Proactive Transfers

Fix and balance your assortment across locations and channels with automatic recommendations for profitable inventory transfers.

Profitable Sustainability

Retalon’s inventory planning AI is designed to reduce inventory and supply chain waste while protecting your bottom line.

Instantly make your inventory plans more profitable.
Ask us for a live demo on your data and see for yourself.

Generate profitable inventory plans at the click of a button

Retalon’s inventory suite forecasts your demand, calculates optimal allocation across all of your stores, generates optimized purchase orders (while accounting for costs and lead-time variability), and automatically replenishes your stock while optimizing for profit — all with minimal human input.

Modernize your inventory planning and management

Retalon’s inventory planning system is a truly unified commerce solution — combining all of your data sources and breaking down the walls between merchandise financial planning, inventory management, order fulfillment, price management, and promotion optimization.

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