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Markdown Optimization Software

Don’t leave money on the table. Ensure every markdown is maximally profitable.

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Markdown software for maximizing your gross margins

Retalon runs on AI that accounts for every important factor impacting the demand of your products — for every SKU and at every location so you can eliminate unnecessary markdowns by accounting for the unique demand profiles of every location and channel separately.

AI-powered Markdown Optimization

Discover the impact of advanced analytics in your markdown management software.

Science-Based Markdown Optimization

Retalon’s AI analyzes demand and sell-thru for each product at any location to proactively identify markdown candidates and build a SKU/location-specific markdown strategy — so you can sell by end of season for maximum profit. 

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Markdown Software with ‘What-If’ Scenerios & Simulations

Retalon’s markdown software allows retailers like you to easily “simulate” potential strategies. So you can know exactly how a specific markdown will perform — down to the product / location — before you launch it. This helps you optimize for any markdown goals, including maximizing gross margin, maximizing sales revenue, increasing sell-thru, reducing inventory to a certain level, or getting rid of inventory by a certain date.

Software that Unifies Your Pricing, Promotions, and Markdowns

Retalon’s Markdown Optimization module is part of our unified solutions for pricing, promotions, and markdowns. All of our solutions are built atop an end-to-end retail analytics platform. This unified approach offers significantly greater accuracy, increased sales, profitability, higher margins, and lower costs.

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Benefits of Markdown Optimization Software

Retalon’s markdown optimization software is built for unified commerce and integrates fully with our retail planning and inventory solutions.

Increased ROI

Retalon fine tunes markdowns to find the optimal balance between sell-thru rates and profit margins.

Accurate Markdowns

Set markdown strategies that are specific to any product at any location for better results and higher ROI.

Run Simulations

Running "What-If" scenarios allows you to project the effect & ROI of a markdown strategy before you commit.

Predictive Analytics

Retalon's AI accounts for many factors affecting demand including inventory, seasonality, pricing, and much more

Smart Automation

Save time and money with automated recommendations for timely and optimal markdown strategies.

Unified Commerce

Our markdown solution is integrated with planning, inventory optimization, pricing, and promotion solutions.

Discover the power of science-based markdown optimization software.

Ask us for a live demo on your data and see for yourself.