Merchandise Management System for Retail and CPG

Forecast, plan, and execute a profitable merchandising strategy with a user-friendly retail AI

AI-Powered Inventory Optimization Solutions:

Retalon’s Inventory Optimization software stems from one unified analytic platform that is integrated with our planning and price optimization solutions.

Unified Merchandising Management

Retalon’s merchandising software solutions combine the world’s most accurate demand forecast with advanced AI — allowing you to quickly (and accurately) forecast, generate profitable plans, and automate repetitive work.

Plan with confidence using the most accurate demand forecast in retail

Know exactly what to stock, where, and when for maximum profit

Save time and prevent human error by automating PO creation

Optimize supply chain flow, reduce costs, and maximize in-stock %

Shane Jewelry- Customer Story


Tom Shane, Executive Chairman

It's rare to find such innovative and intellectual business people, able to devote that kind of time to a customer's success.

MMS System for Medium and Large Retailers


End-to-end merchandising management that breaks down silos and simplifies workflows

AI-Based Planning

Easily identify profit opportunities and automatically apply them to your plans using advanced analytics and AI.

Profitable Assortment

Know exactly where to shrink and where to expand your assortment for maximum profitability.

Optimized Initial Allocation

Use award-winning demand forecasting to bring the right styles and sizes to the right place the first time.

Automated Replenishment

Leverage AI and automation to replenish inventory while minimizing markdowns and maximizing sales.

Prescriptive Store Transfers

Get active recommendations on the most profitable store transfers before they’re needed.

Custom Business Rules

Easily set your own smart business rules and limits without needing to write a single line of code.

Automate and simplify your merchandise management while achieving record profits.

The Merchandise Management System that Pays for Itself

Because Retalon’s merchandising management solutions are built on top of retail’s most accurate demand forecast, you’ll be able to remove uncertainty from your decision-making process.


By accounting for dozens of critical factors impacting demand for every SKU at every location (like seasonality, price elasticity, product cannibalization, competition) – Retalon’s merchandising system will recommend what to stock, where to stock it, and when to bring it in to minimize costs and maximize profit.

Merchandising Software Solutions for Unified Retailing

No matter what ERP system, inventory software, or homegrown solutions your organization is using – Retalon can easily plug into your data sources and analyze them with a single, underlying analytics platform.


This will give you unprecedented visibility and optimization power across silos.


For example, Retalon can help you predict the impact of a marketing promotion on inventory, and automatically generate POs to fulfill the increased demand levels.

Find every profit opportunity in your merchandising process using AI. See it for yourself.