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Merchandise Planning Software for Retailers

Use Retalon’s advanced analytics to automate your merchandise planning and optimize for GMROI

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Simplify your planning process using retail merchandise software

Retalon’s retail merchandise planning software allows you to easily and quickly generate granular and actionable merchandise plans from high-level targets. In fact, any store, department, or even purchase-level changes are automatically reconciled back into your merchandise and financial plans — giving you a single source of truth with unmatched visibility.

Unified Merchandise Planning Solution for Complex Retailing

Retalon’s merchandise planning tool is built to navigate complexity with ease, effortlessly unraveling retail challenges

Retail Merchandising Software that
Frees up your Planners to Actually Plan

Eliminate the need for dozens of spreadsheets. A merchandise planning solution that feeds and automatically updates all relevant sales, pricing, inventory, PO, shipping, and more data at once. The system connects to all relevant business units creating easy-to-understand dashboards that provide optimizations recommended on the fly. All of this data and actionable information in one location saves time and resources allowing your planners to focus on planning.

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Merchandise Planning Software
on a Rock-solid Foundation

Remove guesswork and craft profitable merchandise plans. Ensure that all levels of your merchandise plan are built using accurate demand forecasting. Automatically accounting for dozens of demand factors, merchandise plans built using Retalon’s demand forecasting eliminates the need for estimates and “rules of thumb”. This approach identifies true demand at the SKU level for your entire retail business creating the capacity to make informed merchandise decisions that drive your bottom line.

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Benefits of Merchandise Planning Software

Built to translate infinite granularity and complexity into an incredible level of simplicity

World Class AI

Identify profit opportunities and automatically apply them using leading analytics and AI technology.

Infinite Flexibility

Build merchandise plans at any granularity and attribute using an AI-powered demand forecast.

Easy Configuration

Configured to your unique processes, rules, and constraints - avoiding costly customizations.

User Friendly

Compatible with any ERP on the market, features easy one-click export to Excel, and boasts a simple and familiar UI.

Unique Visibility

Gain dynamic visibility into changes, issues, and opportunities in your existing merchandise.

Quick Deployment

Efficiently and expertly implement Retalon's solution to immediately see profitable actions and tangible profit.

Get an analytic assessment on your data today.

Uncover your retail company’s most profitable optimization opportunities.