Merchandise Planning Software for Retailers

Use Retalon’s advanced analytics to automate your merchandise planning and optimize for GMROI

A Merchandise Planning Solution for Unified Commerce

Retalon’s merchandise planning software is part of a unified planning suite, tailor-made to simplify complex retailing.

Work Simply with Infinite Complexity

Retalon’s retail merchandise planning software combines the world’s most accurate demand forecast with advanced AI — allowing you to easily and quickly generate granular and actionable merchandise plans from high-level targets.


Moreover, any store, department, or even purchase-level changes are automatically reconciled back into your merchandise and financial plans — giving you an unshakable single-source-of-truth with unmatched visibility.

Instantly turn your high-level financial plan into an infinitely granular merchandise plan

Automatically calculate open-to-buy budgets from your merchandise plan and generate purchase orders

Always know if you’re purchasing too much or too little with automated flags and hard-stops driven by AI

Do all of this while automatically optimizing for maximum GMROI at every step

Shane Jewelry- Customer Story


Tom Shane, Executive Chairman

It's rare to find such innovative and intellectual business people, able to devote that kind of time to a customer's success.

Unified Merchandise Planning Software for Complex Retailing


Retalon’s merchandise planning tool is built to translate infinite granularity and complexity into an incredible level of simplicity

Word-Class AI

Easily identify profit opportunities and automatically apply them to your plans using advanced analytics and AI.

Infinite Flexibility

Work outside the restrictions of your ERP with custom attributes, categories, and rules unique to your business.

Easy Configuration

Retalon's planning solutions are easily configured to your unique processes and hierarchies - avoiding costly customizations.

User Friendly

Retalon’s software is compatible with any ERP on the market, features easy one-click export to Excel, and boasts a simple and familiar UI for planners.

Unparalleled Visibility

Zoom into store level or department level, review POs, and manage your OTB with confidence that any changes or updates are reconciled all the way through.

Quick Deployment

Retalon’s planning solutions can be deployed in as few as 3 weeks, driving ROI through improved automation and identified cost savings in less than a quarter.

See firsthand how AI and Advanced Analytics are transforming retail planning.

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Retail Merchandise Software that Frees Up Your Planners to Actually Plan

Eliminate the need for dozens of Excel spreadsheets that require manual reconciliation and take ages to load.


Retalon’s merchandise planning solution feeds into all relevant data at once, including sales, pricing, inventory, PO, shipping, and more.


After a quick configuration (as short as 3 weeks), your merchandise plans will be connected to all relevant business units, featuring data that updates automatically, easy-to-understand dashboards, and optimizations that are recommended on the fly.


This allows your planners to focus on planning — not wrangling bloated spreadsheets.

Merchandise Planning Tools on a Rock-Solid Foundation

Eliminate guesswork, estimates, and rules of thumb in your merchandise planning process. Ensure that all levels of your merchandise plan are built using the most accurate demand forecast in the world.


Unlike inaccurate sales forecasts, Retalon’s demand forecast automatically accounts for dozens of demand factors (price, seasonality, product cannibalization, etc.) to identify a true demand for each SKU at each location. And it does this automatically for the entire organization.


So you can build maximally profitable merchandise plans, manage your OTB optimally, and eliminate overbuying.

Discover how Retalon unifies your entire planning process, end-to-end.