Retalon offers a full suite of tools that allows users to cluster (group) products and stores either dynamically or based on static criteria. Users can define which products can be replenished at which locations, and set & maintain minimums at either the SKU or higher than SKU levels, as well as manage space and capacities by type (e.g. hanging, liner feet).

Create Dynamic Store Clusters

An intelligent & easy way to create dynamic store or channel clusters based on a combinations of attributes & performance indicators

Create Product Clusters from Cannibalization Groups

Certain products cannibalize sales and impact inventory of the similar (substitute) products. Retalon provides a tool to group such products for better management.


Manage replenishment assignments & minimums at various levels of category hierarchy and at cluster level

Smart & User Friendly

A smart & intuitive way to manage space, store or channel types, and capabilities

Powered by Predictive Analytics

Retalon's micro-merchandizing solution is powered by predictive analytics to provide accurate clustering while dynamically monitoring changes in performance.

End-to-End Integration

All Retalon solutions are fully integrated on a common predictive analytics platform.



Each retail outlet in a multi-store operation develops its own individual product performance profile. Retailers, who recognize the phenomenon, customize each store’s assortment according the local geo-demographics trends. Matching store-specific merchandise assortment to local demand is called micro-merchandising. A number of forward-looking retail chains have already adopted the micro-merchandising methodology. Unfortunately, today most micro-merchandising tools are static, while geo-demographics trends change all the time. A dynamic micro-merchandising solution is needed for a today’s retail environment.




Retalon offers a dynamic Micro-Merchandising system that proactively matches categories of merchandise to groups of stores according to user-defined business rules. The direct benefit of dynamic Retalon Micro-Merchandising is an improvement in customer service levels. Retalon Micro-Merchandising system plays an important role in many retail business processes. Specifically, Merchandise Planning, Assortment Management, Allocation and Replenishment, Promotion Event Management, all depend heavily on the efficacy of Retalon Micro-Merchandising system. Arranging all stores and products into arbitrarily selected clusters of stores and products according to a user-defined set of attributes is the primary functionality of Retalon Micro-Merchandising system.



  • Build and maintain dynamic store clusters based on their geo-demographic hierarchy, variety of location attributes, and performance
  • The same location can belong to different clusters (or cluster groups) depending on its planned usage
  • Users can import lists of locations as a Static Cluster to use them in the Retalon system


Product Groupings


  • Build and maintain optimal product clusters based on product/category hierarchy, product attributes, and performance
  • Determine what products can cannibalize each other and generate Product Clusters from a group of substitute or mutually-cannibalizing products
  • Group Products for other needs, such as Price Families, Vendor Pre-packs, etc.


Retalon’s Store and Product Clustering enables retailers to group together stores and products that should be treated alike in processes of purchasing, replenishment, allocation, pricing, promotions, and planning. The relations between the Store and Product clusters are represented as Assignments.




  • Specify which products are to be replenishable at what stores. The system supports Cluster to Cluster, Product to Cluster, Cluster to Store, and Product to Store relations
  • Define space and assortment constraints, such as MINs, MAXs, Display for any combination of Products & Stores
  • Manage the constraints at both SKU (Core Sizes in case of sized merchandise) and Category level




  • Define product space types, such as Hanging, Flat, etc.
  • Maintain merchandise desired density per category and space type
  • Manage space for each combination of category, space type, location size and type
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