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Micro-Merchandising for Retailers

Perfectly match your in-store assortment to local demand – at every location

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What is micro-merchandising?

In simplest terms, micro-merchandising is the process of ensuring that every retail location and channel carries an assortment matched to their local demand. When retailers bring the same assortment to every location, they face overstock and lost sales at the same time – as some products that do well in one location may sit unsold in another.

How AI makes micro-merchandising possible

Micro-merchandising isn’t just an interesting theory.
Through the power of retail AI, it has become a reality.

Accurate Demand Prediction

AI can account for dozens of factors (pricing, seasonality, cannibalization, etc.) and calculate demand on the fly for every SKU at every location.


AI can help you create store and product clusters using hard data, as well as automatically adjust them as new data comes in.

Learning Your

With the help of machine learning and simple business rules, micro-merchandising AI can learn your unique business and its constraints.

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Areas Where Micro-Merchandising Helps Retailers

Retalon’s Micro-Merchandising solution is part of a larger, unified analytics suite, tailor-made for unique and complex retail organizations

Improve customer service levels and your bottom line at the same time

Our micro-merchandising solution enables you to bring products closer to the people who want them. As a result, you can keep your customers happy while also optimizing margins. In fact, it even accomplishes this without making any changes to your supply chain. Taking geo-demographic differences into account, our solution optimizes your assortments. You’ll know exactly what products to have at each location to maximize your margins.
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Benefits of Micro-Merchandising Software

By building location-specific assortment, retailers will see tremendous benefits

Increased Sales

Minimize product cannibalization and ensure locally popular products are always in stock.

Precise Inventory

Only allocate inventory that is likely to sell in any given location and eliminate unnecessary stock.

Avoid Lost Sales

Restock stores to meet demand from your overstocked locations avoiding needless new purchases.

Boost In-Stock %

Increase sales and decrease markdowns with optimal allocation.

Automate Transfers

Retalon’s AI automatically runs a cost/benefit analysis to suggest top transfers by profitability.

Retail AI

All Retalon solutions run on our award-winning retail AI engine and a highly accurate demand forecast.

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