Open to Buy Software

Use AI to automate your open-to-buy budgeting, optimize purchasing,
and eliminate out-of-stocks

Open to Buy Planning in Unified Commerce

Retalon’s open to buy software solution is part of
a unified planning suite, tailor-made
to simplify complex retailing.

Automate Your OTB Plan using Retalon’s Open to Buy Software

Part of Retalon’s unified merchandise planning suite, our advanced Open-to-Buy system eliminates the headache of manually creating, managing, reconciling, and executing OTB budgets.


Powered by AI and advanced analytics, our open-to-buy tool will automatically:

Calculate your working OTB budget for all stores and categories, for any time series (weekly, monthly, etc.) -- on the fly

Automatically suggest the most optimal purchases based on a highly accurate demand forecast

Instantly generate all purchase orders, optimized for quantity, shipping time, and cost

Shane Jewelry- Customer Story


Tom Shane, Executive Chairman

It's rare to find such innovative and intellectual business people, able to devote that kind of time to a customer's success.

A Unified Open to Buy Solution


You can’t truly optimize your OTB planning without optimizing
your Financial, Merchandise, and Assortment plans.
And we got you covered.


Eliminate the guesswork of setting your yearly sales, margin, and inventory targets by using the most accurate retail demand forecast on the market.


Instantly generate granular merchandise plans from high level targets -- optimized for GMROI across every store and department.


Leverage AI to confidently know when to shrink or expand your assortment categories and clusters, and find the optimal assortment for each store.

See firsthand how AI and Advanced Analytics
are transforming retail planning.

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Automate Your Retail Open to Buy Software As Much (or as Little) as You Want

Once integrated with your systems, Retalon’s open-to-buy planning software can run almost entirely on auto-pilot — forecasting demand for every SKU at every store, calculating your budgets, and even generating optimized POs.


Moreover, our software is highly configurable, allowing you to easily add your own unique rules and thresholds.


If you’re looking for maximal efficiency, you can choose to automate most of your process while only dealing with the exceptions. Or if you’re looking for more control and better insights, you can set your own rules within the software for reviewing and approving actions.


You’re in the driver’s seat.

Open to Buy Planning Software that Brings ROI for Every Dollar

Unlike other Open-to-Buy software, Retalon’s solutions are built on top of the most accurate demand forecast in retail. The system knows what you’re going to sell before you sell it.


This is because our demand forecasting engine takes dozens of influencing factors into account (seasonality, pricing, cannibalization, etc.) — making it infinitely more accurate than a traditional sales forecast.


Add in AI that always optimizes for inventory GMROI, and you have a recipe for maximum profit.

Discover how Retalon unifies your entire
OTB planning process, end-to-end.