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Open-to-Buy (OTB) Software

Use AI to automate your open-to-buy budgeting, optimize purchasing, and eliminate out-of-stocks

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Automate your OTB plan using Retalon's open to buy software

Retalon’s AI-driven Open-to-Buy system simplifies OTB budget management as part of our unified merchandise planning suite. It automatically calculates budgets for all stores and categories, suggests optimal purchases using precise demand forecasts, and generates optimized purchase orders for quantity, shipping time, and cost.

A Unified Open to Buy Solution

You can’t truly optimize your OTB planning without optimizing your Financial Merchandise, and Assortment plans.
And we got you covered.

Automate Your Retail Open to Buy Software As Much (or as Little) as You Want

Retalon’s open-to-buy software integrates with your systems for automated demand forecasting, budget calculation, and optimized PO generation. Highly configurable, it allows for custom rules and thresholds. Achieve maximum efficiency by automating processes and handling exceptions, or maintain control with personalized rules for action review and approval.

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Open to Buy Planning Software that Brings ROI for Every Dollar

Retalon’s Open-to-Buy software outperforms others with its highly accurate retail demand forecasting. Considering numerous factors like seasonality, pricing, and cannibalization, it surpasses traditional sales forecasts. Combined with AI optimizing inventory GMROI, our solution ensures maximum profit.

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Benefits of Retail Open-to-Buy Software

Retalon’s open to buy software solution is part of a unified planning suite, tailor-made to simplify complex retailing.


Set omptimized yearly sales, margins, and inventory targets by leveraging AI-powered forecasting.


Instantly generate granular actionable merchandise plans derived from a single, unified source of truth.


Eliminate the guesswork of planning depth and breadth - with granular assortment plans and POs.

Get an analytic assessment on your data today.

Uncover your retail company’s most profitable optimization opportunities.