Order Fulfillment Software

Order optimization and fulfillment software powered by advanced analytics and AI.

AI-Powered Inventory Optimization Solutions:

Retalon’s Inventory Optimization software stems from one unified analytic platform that is integrated with our planning and price optimization solutions.

Your customer’s expectations have evolved in the digital age. Is your fulfillment software keeping up?

Retalon’s Predictive Analytics and AI automatically recommends the most optimal way to fulfill an order. Empowering retailers to offer customer service excellence without jeopardizing their margins with smart order fulfillment recommendations.


Retalon’s powerful order fulfillment system offers a multitude of benefits:

Get smart recommendations for order fulfillment

Satisfy customers in the most efficient way possible

Decrease inventory cost, out-of-stocks, and lost sales

Add intelligent automation to order management process

Simons – Fashion Retailer


Peter Simons, President & CEO

We have to make a lot more decisions based on probability. The better decision we make, the more it comes back to benefit everyone, the customer, the environment, and Simons. Retalon is really at the heart of making those better decisions.

Benefits of Analytics-Driven Order Fulfillment Software


Discover the impact of advanced analytics in order fulfillment system:

Avoid Product Cannibalization

Fulfill online orders from stores without cannibalizing walk-in inventory.

Optimize with AI

Automatically account and optimize for dozens of factors including: inventory levels, demand, delivery time, costs, and more.

Maintain Optimal Assortment

Manage inventory across your business and offer flexible fulfillment without creating inventory distortion

Easily Set Business Rules

Quickly and easily configure business rules to reflect constraints, priorities, and preferences of your business.

Get Smart Recommendations

Get automatic recommendations, fully optimized for gross margins and profit, on the best way to fulfill every order that comes in.

Integrate with Any Platform

Retalon's software seamlessly integrates with your existing ERP software, OMS platform, or even homegrown solution.

Discover the power of science-based order fulfillment system
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Go beyond automation with AI-based fulfillment software

Intelligently account for key fulfillment factors, including inventory levels, demand at each channel and location, delivery time, as well as picking and logistics costs.


The system will not only recommend the fastest way to deliver items, but it will also ensure online orders don’t cannibalize inventory needed for walk-in sales.


Leverage the built-in, highly accurate demand forecast to balance inventory levels and assortment across all locations — leading to a significant reduction of out-of-stocks, lost sales, and markdowns.

And by easily configuring your business rules and constraints, you can minimize the number of exceptions and reduce manual labor for reviewing orders.

The only order fulfillment system with smart returns

Leverage a highly accurate demand forecast to determine the optimal location to send returns to.


Retalon offers a unique ability to help customers rate the condition of the item, determine if it can go directly back on the shelf, and suggest the optimal destination for return labels to simplify the returns process.


Under the hood, our advanced analytics system will use returns to help you rebuild assortment, balance inventory across your channels, and bring merchandise to locations that have the highest probability of selling the item at full price.

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