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Order Fulfillment Software

Order optimization and fulfillment software powered by advanced analytics and AI.

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Your customer's expectations have evolved in the digital age.
Is your fulfillment software keeping up?

Retalon’s AI-driven Predictive Analytics optimizes order fulfillment, enabling exceptional customer service while safeguarding margins. This efficient system offers smart fulfillment recommendations, customer satisfaction, reduced inventory costs, and intelligent automation for order management.

Optimize with Analytics-Driven Order Fulfillment Software

Discover the impact of advanced analytics in order fulfillment system

Go beyond automation with AI-based fulfillment software

Account for crucial fulfillment factors like inventory, demand, delivery time, and logistics costs. The system intelligently delivers items quickly while ensuring online orders don’t compromise walk-in sales. Utilize the accurate demand forecast to balance inventory and assortment, reducing out-of-stocks, lost sales, and markdowns. Configure business rules to minimize exceptions and manual labor for order reviews.

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The only order fulfillment system with smart returns

Utilize precise demand forecasts to identify optimal return locations. Retalon simplifies the returns process by assessing item condition, determining shelf readiness, and suggesting ideal destinations. Advanced analytics reorganize assortment, balance inventory, and allocate merchandise to high-demand locations for full-price sales.

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Benefits of Order Fulfillment Software

Built on one unified analytic platform to simplify the order fulfillment process.

Less Cannibalization

Fulfill online order from stores without cannibalizing walk-in inventory.

AI Optimization

Automatically account and optimize for dozens of factors including: inventory levels, demand, delivery time, and costs.

Optimal Assortment

Manage inventory across your business and offer flexible fulfillment without creating inventory distortion.

Highly Configurable

Quickly and easily configure business rules to reflect constraints, priorities, and preferences of your business.

Smart Suggestions

Get automatic suggestions, optimized for gross margins and profit, on the best way to fulfill every order that comes in.

Simple Integrations

Retalon's software smoothly integrates with your existing ERP software, OMS platform, or even homegrown solution.

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