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Pharmacy Analytics

A unified predictive anaytics & retail AI solution to optimize your entire Pharmacy retail Business

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Make informed decisions that drive your bottom line using pharmacy data analytics

Leverage your data to develop a deeper understanding of your pharmacy business. Get recommendations for optimizing inventory, planning, pricing, promotions – and more.

Using our unique AI engine, our solution analyzes all your data based on dozens of factors. As a result, you’re able to make informed business decisions that drive your bottom line.

Pharmacy Analytics Software

Inventory Management Optimization using Pharmacy Analytics

Retalon’s unified analytics solution accounts for more than past sales data. As a result, pharmacy retailers gain an increase in inventory accuracy and GMROI.
The solution analyzes all your inventory data – both past and current. Then, leveraging a powerful AI engine generates accurate demand forecasts.
Accounting for various factors, forecasts show demand for every SKU at every location.
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Boost Gross Margin up to 15% using your Pharmacy Data & Demand Forecasting

Retalon’s demand forecasting solution develops informed plans to predict future demand.
No more wasting money on bad inventory resulting in high;
  • Storage costs
  • Costly markdowns
  • Poor customer perception
Additionally, you’ll be able to understand product demand from the SKU level. As a result, you can build integrated end-to-end plans that boost gross margins.
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AI-Powered Pharmacy Analytics Solutions

Retalon’s pharmacy analytics solutions are part of a larger, unified analytics suite, tailor-made for unique and complex retail organizations.


Optimize pricing for every SKU/ location, run smart promotions, and minimize markdowns to boost your GMROI.


Stock SKUs at the right location at the right time to ensure minimal inventory costs and maximum sales


Eliminate the guesswork of planning using your actual data and insights with accurate demand forecasts.

Get an analytic assessment on your data today.

Uncover your retail company’s most profitable optimization opportunities.