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Retail Price Management Software

Advanced pricing analytics software for full lifecycle management and optimization

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Improve profitability and sales with price management optimization software

Retalon’s Price Management and Optimization System is powered by a powerful retail AI and predictive analytics engine. The solution accounts for all key factors that influence profitability and suggests optimal prices for each product at any location.

Retail Pricing Software for Unified Commerce

Discover the versatility and intelligence of our retail price optimization solution for your business

Science-Based Price Management & Optimization

Our advanced retail price optimization engine will account for more factors than you could ever account for before to produce a truly optimal price — down to every product at any location. Retailers are able to easily configure the system to their business through Retalon’s intuitive business rules.

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“Crawl – Walk – Run” Approach to Retail Price Optimization

Retalon’s price management and optimization software is highly configurable allowing you to start from scratch with the help of our team’s best practices or by replicating your current rules, process, and scenarios.

Software that Unifies Your Pricing, Promotions, and Markdowns

Retailers are able to optimize prices throughout the entire product life cycle with Retalon’s AI. From setting initial prices and optimizing prices across multiple channels, store types, and products to promotions and finally markdown optimization at the end-of-life.

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Benefits of Retail Pricing Software

Retalon’s price management software is part of a larger, unified pricing suite,
tailor-made to simplify complex retailing

Life-Cycle Pricing

Manage prices through the entire product life cycle, from initial pricing to promotions and markdowns.

Inter-SKU Pricing

Automatically account and optimize for product relationships to avoid issues such as product canniablization.

Versatile Software

Easily configure rules to fit your business, price zones, store types, currencies, and more.

Advanced Analytics

Leverage retail AI and Predictive Analytics to account for all relevant factors across your retail operations.

Scalable Workflow

Improve productivity with intelligent automation designed for a growing unified commerce retailer.

Unified AI Platform

Set optimal prices, promotions, and markdowns by leveraging a unified approach to demand forecasting.

Discover how Retalon’s AI can help your retail business optimize markdowns.

Uncover your retail company’s most profitable optimization opportunities.