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ProfitMax Retail AI Solution

AI that understands your retail business and shows you how to make more money.

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Increase your margins by more than 35% with ProfitMax

Retail is changing and becoming even more complex.
As a result, the ability to leverage data to make informed decisions is more important than ever.
Unfortunately, the sheer volume of data often makes it hard to organize and analyze – let alone action.
This is where Retalon’s ProfitMax module shines. Built on a one-of-a-kind AI engine, ProfitMax simplifies large, complex retailing. It reads all existing and new data to recommend profitable business actions. As a result, retailers will always have informed recommendations to help increase margins.

AI That Understands your Business, Top-to-Bottom

Easily know the most profitable actions across all departments and functions.

Uncover your hidden profit opportunities

There are profitable opportunities hidden inside the retail data your business collects daily. Unfortunately, manual data analysis is a cumbersome task.
Our ProfitMax module lets you find these hidden opportunities at the click of a button. The solution;
  • Connects to all data sources
  • Analyzes important profit levers (supply chain flow, market trends, prices, inventory, assortment, etc.)
  • Accounts for unique business rules
As a result, you can uncover and action profitable opportunities at the click of a button.
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See your most profitable actions by dollars

Every decision retailers make can have an impact on their bottom line. In most cases, the impact of a decision comes from past data and assumptions.
Our ProfitMax module uses AI to calculate potential recommendation impact. It provides dollar amounts showing how each recommendation will affect the bottom line.
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Benefits of Retalon's ProfitMax AI Engine

Discover how ProfitMax can help you unlock hidden profit opportunities and run a more profitable, efficient, and growth-driven retail operation.

Maximize Profits

Identify and act on hidden profit opportunities to drive growth and increase revenue.

Optimize Inventory

Ensure the right products are in the right location at the right time, minimizing overstock and stockouts.

Improve Pricing

Leverage data-driven insights to optimize pricing and promotional activities for maximum profitability.

Integrate Seamlessly

Experience smooth and efficient workflows with ProfitMax's seamless integration with any ERP.

Automate Decisions

Save time and money by automating data analysis and decision-making processes with ProfitMax's powerful AI.

Easily Customize

ProfitMax easily accounts for all the unique rules and constraints of your specific business, specialty and vertical.

Get an AI Impact Assessment on your own data.

Uncover your retail company’s most profitable optimization opportunities.