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Retail Promotions Software

Smart promotion optimization powered by advanced analytics.

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Boost in Promotion Efficiency
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Run more profitable and efficient promotions with retail AI

Retalon’s AI automatically identifies the impact of past promotions and uses your own data to intelligently recommend the best future promotions to maximize GMROI and save costs. Ensure your promotions are profitable by running simulations in Retalon’s  software — see projected ROI before launch and adjust inventory levels to execute promotions successfully.

Benefits of running promotion optimization with A.I.

Discover the impact of advanced analytics in your promotions management software

Science-Based Promotion Optimization

Our smart promotion optimization solution adjusts for product cannibalization, price elasticity, promotion types, seasonality, promo goals and dozens of other influencing factors.

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Promotion Software with ‘What-If’ Scenarios & Simulations

Building “what-if” scenarios allows you to see the ROI of a promotion before you run it. The system will identify the projected uplift and recommend how to adjust inventory levels across your business ensuring a successful promo.

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Benefits of Promotion Optimization Software

Retalon’s promotion optimization software is part of a larger, unified pricing suite, tailor-made to simplify complex retailing

Highly Intelligent

Automatically identify past promotions, performance, and effect of influencing factors.


Run simulations to see projected uplifts and profitability of promotions.

Cross-SKU Impact

Identify affinity between products and optimize related-products and families during promotions.

End-User Friendly

Start from scratch, import planned promotions, or let Retalon's AI suggest profitable promotions

Unified Platform

Proactively optimize inventory across your business to meet demand, increase sales, and decrease costs.

Retail AI

Intelligently account for cannibalization, price elasticity, seasonality, and many other factors affecting promotions.

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