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Purchase Order Management Software

Use AI to calculate ideal order quantities and automatically generate optimized POs for all retail channels.

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Inventory purchasing software built on the world's most accurate forecast

Retalon’s Optimal Purchaser module automates the repetitive and time-consuming process of generating purchase orders. Additionally, it optimizes all purchases for GMROI — reducing inventories while increasing the in-stock percentage.

Purchase Management Software for Complex Retail

Built for complex, specialty retailing, Retalon’s Optimal Purchaser is quickly and easily configured to your unique business

Inventory purchasing software for optimizing, not just managing

A purchase order software that integrates into any ERP or order management suite. Our solution will suggest ideal order quantities — for every SKU at every store — to maximize GMROI. Additionally, it will also automatically generates POs. The result is a purchase order management system that pays for itself by making your inventory more profitable.
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Advanced PO management software that minimizes vendor and logistics risks

Our software also calculates vendor and logistics risks using demand volatility, lead time variability, shipping times & costs, and more. As a result, POs generated by Retalon’s system will reduce logistics risks while maximizing your margins.
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Benefits of Purchase Order Management Software

Retalon’s purchase order software is part of a unified planning suite, tailor-made to simplify complex retailing

Pro Omnichannel

Streamline and optimize any combination of stores, outlets, DCs, warehouses, and e-commerce sites.

Highly Configurable

Quickly and easily configure the system to work within you specific business constraints.

Fully Compatible

Retalon's unified suite is compatible with any existing software, ERP, OMS, (including home-grown solutions)

Increased GMROI

Optimize operations with AI-driven recommendations to cut costs for a greater return on investment.

Smart Automation

Configure your own rules across any hierarchy (category, location, etc.) and only work with exceptions.

Unified Operations

Our common analytics platform allows you to easily unify planning, inventory, pricing, and promotions.

Get an analytic assessment on your data today.

Uncover your retail company’s most profitable optimization opportunities.