Purchase Order Management Software for Retailers

Use AI to calculate ideal order quantities and automatically generate optimized POs for all retail channels.

AI-Powered Inventory Optimization Solutions:

Retalon’s Inventory Optimization software stems from one unified analytic platform that is integrated with our planning and price optimization solutions.

Inventory purchasing software built on the world’s most accurate forecast.

Retalon’s Optimal Purchaser module doesn’t just automate the repetitive and time-consuming process of generating purchase orders. It also optimizes all purchases for GMROI — reducing inventories while increasing in-stock percentage.


Built-in to each and every solution, Retalon’s highly accurate retail demand forecast is guaranteed to:

Minimize out-of-stocks

Reduce inventory and logistics costs

Slash unnecessary markdowns

Shane Jewelry – Customer Story


Tom Shane, Founder and Executive Chairman

Using Retalon, we were able to reduce one of our main product lines by 40%, and increase sales in that same product line by 20%.

Advanced purchase management software built for medium and large retailers


Built for complex, specialty retailing, Retalon’s Optimal Purchaser is quickly and easily configured to your unique business.

Truly Omnichannel

Whatever unique combination of stores, outlets, DCs, warehouses, and e-commerce sites your business has -- Retalon supports your structure out-of-the-box.

Easily Configurable

Quickly and easily configure the system to work within constraints like vendor minimums, logistics capacities, shipping policies, and way more.

Universally Compatible

Retalon’s inventory purchasing software plugs into any ERP and order management suite on the market -- including custom / homegrown solutions.

Massively Profitable

Easily configure all shipments to fit your business rules, policies, planogram restrictions, pre-packs, fixture min/max and more

Intelligently Automated

Configure your own rules across any hierarchy (category, location, etc.) and only work with exceptions. Let the software do everything else.

Completely Unified

Retalon’s solutions are built on a common analytics platform, allowing retailers to easily unify planning, inventory, pricing, and promotions.

Uncover your company’s biggest optimization opportunities.
Get an analytic assessment on your data.

Inventory purchasing software for optimizing, not just managing.

Most purchase ordering systems are designed to help you organize your POs and streamline your purchasing process. Retalon takes it a step further.


Easily integrating into any ERP or order management suite, Retalon will not only generate POs automatically, it will also suggest ideal order quantities — for every SKU at every store — to maximize GMROI.


This is achieved with the help of the most accurate demand forecast in retail.


Built into all of our solutions, Retalon’s AI based forecasting engine uses dozens of influencing factors to determine the ideal order quantity for every single channel, including price elasticity, seasonality, product families, cannibalization, and way, way more.


The result is a purchase order management system that pays for itself by automatically making your inventory more profitable.

Advanced PO management software that minimizes vendor and logistics risks.

Beyond accounting for the true demand for each product at each location — our software also calculates vendor and logistics risks.


When you generate POs using Retalon’s system, your orders will be automatically optimized for cost and risk, using factors like:



  • Demand volatility
  • Lead time variability
  • Shipping times and costs
  • Pallet capacities
  • MOQs
  • Volume pricing



As a result, POs generated by Retalon’s system will minimize logistics risks while maximizing your margins.

Discover how Retalon’s AI can help your retail business optimize inventory and maximize profit