Retail AI

Retail AI solutions for predicting the future, automating high-value tasks, and fixing your entire retailing process – from factory to consumer.

Improve every process with AI for retail

Retalon’s retail AI is part of a unified software suite, tailor-made to simplify complex retailing.

Solve today’s biggest challenges with retail AI

Retail is more complex than ever. You’re dealing with unpredictable swings in demand, sudden supply chain disruptions, record inflation, changing consumer preferences, and more data than anyone knows what to do with. These are precisely the problems Retalon’s AI was designed to solve.


Combining machine learning, advanced unified analytics, and easy-to-configure business rules, Retalon will help you:

Gain visibility into your entire supply chain, from factory to consumer

Reduce impact of volatility in consumer demand and lead times

Delight customers with high in-stock percentages and reliable fulfillment

Shane Jewelry- Customer Story


Tom Shane, Executive Chairman

It's rare to find such innovative and intellectual business people, able to devote that kind of time to a customer's success.

Award-winning AI retail solutions in a unified commerce platform


Bridge the gaps between your teams with retail AI tools.


Instantly turn your high-level financial targets into detailed merchandise plans and OTB budgets – optimized for demand and reconciled across every level.


Let AI set your initial allocations, purchase inventory, initiate store transfers, and replenish inventory for maximum gross margins.

Lifecycle Pricing

Dynamically set optimal prices across the entire product life cycle – accounting for seasonality, demographics, location, and competition.

Supply Chain

Optimize every step of the supply chain journey, from factory to consumer. Dynamically account for delays and changes in demand.

Discover the potential impact of AI on your retail business with a free AI Impact Assessment. Plug your ERP directly into Retalon’s AI. See if you qualify.

Rapidly deploy a retail
AI system on any ERP

Using AI in retail has never been easier. Unlike competing solutions, Retalon’s AI does not need to be customized or trained to work with your data. We’ve designed the system for complex retailing from the start.


Further, Retalon is compatible with every ERP on the market (including homegrown solutions) – even offering one-click integration for MS Dynamics 365 commerce users.


This means that even the most complex retail organizations can deploy AI in less than 6 months and see ROI in less than 2 quarters.

Use AI to predict the unpredictable in retail

Retalon’s AI-based forecast accurately predicts demand for millions of SKUs across thousands of stores because it instantly accounts for dozens of factors when making predictions (including past sales, seasonality, cannibalization, competition, etc.) and calculates on a store / SKU level.


Furthermore — since no forecast is infallible — Retalon’s AI automatically and dynamically readjusts your forecast based on real changes in demand. So your assortment, inventory, and pricing decisions will also be in lock-step with your customer’s preferences.

Discover how Retalon’s AI unifies your entire commerce process, end-to-end.