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Retail Allocation Software

Smart inventory allocation designed for unified commerce retailers and powered by advanced retail analytics.

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Cut costs, reduce markdowns, and boost sales with Smart Allocation

Retalon’s Smart Allocation is powered by a powerful AI and Predictive Analytics engine. The solution recommends optimal merchandise allocations based on a combination of critical factors (such as projected demand, store/product performance, inventory levels, and much more).

Optimize with Retalon's Retail Allocation Software

Discover how you can intelligently optimize your merchandise allocation process

Retail Allocation Software that Fits your Business

Powered by AI and predictive analytics, Retalon’s product allocation software provides you with more control over your allocation process. You can control categories at the product level, style/colour level and even recommend optimal size distribution for each style/colour at any location. Additionally, retailers develop a smarter, more targeted approach to their inventory allocation that delivers true ROI.
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A Retail Allocation System Designed for Unified Commerce

Retalon offers a powerful allocation solution for retailers operating through advanced supply chains. This process enables you to deploy inventory into a position from which it will be quick and cost-efficient to fulfill future demand. Using intelligent automation, products get distributed to the best possible location to maximize GMROI and maintain customer service excellence.
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Benefits of Inventory Allocation Software

Retalon’s inventory allocation software stems from one unified analytic platform that is integrated with our planning and price optimization solutions.

Versatile Software

Optimize allocation and distribution for any scenario, including initial allocation, new products, one-timers, and more.

True Pre-Allocation

Build pre-allocation scenarios during the planning process, estimate ROI, and execute when purchase orders arrive.

Highly Configurable

Easily configure to fit your business rules and constraints from assortment min/max, to SKU/location, and more.

Low Inventory

Leverage advanced analytics for suggestions on optimal and profitable allocation of constrained inventory.

Better Collaboration

Connect allocation across key business operations from planning, to markdowns, and fullfillment.

Intuitive Solution

Start from scratch with a new scenario or load pre-configured allocation methods for a smooth user experience.

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