Retail Financial Planning Software

Use advanced analytics to build a profitable, end-to-end, full-life-cycle retail financial plan.

Financial Planning for Unified Commerce

Retalon’s financial planning tools are part of a unified planning suite, tailor-made to simplify complex retailing.

Make more profitable and actionable retail financial plans

Retalon’s financial planning tools leverage a powerful, AI-driven demand forecast. Using advanced mathematics and cutting edge artificial intelligence, Retalon’s software can accurately predict the true demand of every product in every location — automatically feeding this data into your financial plan. This allows you to take the guess-work out of setting your yearly sales, margin, and even inventory targets.


Retalon’s financial planning software will help you:

Accurately and quickly calculate all of your missed opportunities -- ensuring you don't repeat last year's mistakes

Automatically optimize all plans for maximum GMROI

Automatically reconcile your financial, store, merchandise, assortment, and OTB plans any time something is changed

And if your organizational structure allows for it -- Retalon's planning software can even plan your turn

Shane Jewelry- Customer Story


Tom Shane, Executive Chairman

It's rare to find such innovative and intellectual business people, able to devote that kind of time to a customer's success.

End-to-End Retail Financial Planning


Retalon’s financial planning tools are integrated with all our advanced analytics solutions, so you’ll never miss a profit opportunity

Word-Class AI

Leverage advanced AI and predictive analytics to quickly and easily identify profit-driving opportunities

Infinite Flexibility

Plan with custom attributes unique to your business, well beyond any restrictions of your ERP system.

Easy Configuration

All retailers are unique -- that’s why we built our tools to easily adapt to your unique processes and hierarchies.

User Friendly

Powerful and intuitive, Retalon’s planning solution works with any ERP system and features one-click export to Excel.

Unparalleled Visibility

Manage and optimize your high-level financial plan, and instantly see its impact on downstream planning (and vice versa).

Quick Deployment

Plug Retalon into your system and start leveraging the world’s most advanced retail analytics in weeks.

Uncover your company’s biggest optimization opportunities.
Get an analytic assessment on your data.

Smart Planning Solution — Configured to Your Business and Powered by AI

Regardless of how unique your planning process is — Retalon’s financial planning software can be easily and quickly configured to fit your organization.


Part of a comprehensive planning suite, our flexible software can assist you with financial, store, assortment, merchandise, and even OTB planning while using the same data and assumptions.


This allows planners to easily:


  • Break down high-level metrics into time series of weeks, months (or custom periods) for your merchandise plan
  • Plan your turn
  • Consolidate all of your plans with a single click
  • Adjust your financial plan in-season, and propagate changes to all other plans

Powered by the Most Accurate Demand Forecast

Retalon’s planning solutions are built on a unique foundation of a highly accurate demand forecast.


Unlike a traditional sales forecast, Retalon’s forecast uses AI to account for dozens of factors that influence demand (price, seasonality, etc.) — generating an accurate picture of your true demand at any level of granularity (Store / SKU, category, store type, etc.). 


This allows you to set much more accurate targets (sales, margin, inventory, etc.) and plan with confidence.

Fully Integrated Retail Financial Planning that Grows With You

Retalon’s retail planning software grows and evolves with your process.


Whether you’re using our tools for something as simple as building the cleanest, most accurate corporate financial plan ever — or you’re looking to perfectly optimize every layer of your plan (accounting for everything from optimal order quantities and lead times to container capacities) — Retalon can do it all.


So when your planning processes reaches a new level of sophistication, you won’t need to spend years on RFPs, deployments, and customizations for new tools.


Retalon offers a fully integrated planning solution, ready to go whenever you are.

Simplify and automate manual reconciliation. Base your decisions on an accurate forecast. Take control of your planning.