Auto Replenishment

Retalon’s Auto-Replenishment system automatically determines shipment quantities and allocates products to locations within an organizational hierarchy. An executed future demand forecast is a prerequisite for the Allocation & Replenishment system to run successfully.

True Multi-Echalon Replenishment

Designed for omni-channel retailers and supports any process including vendor-DC-store & vendor-store

Automation frees up your resources

Retalon's Replenishment solution automatically generates optimal suggested ordering quantities

Flexible Rule Based System

The system accounts for any cost constraints, as well business rules & policies

Intelligently accounts for special events

Suggested order quantities account for effects of events such as promotions, moving holidays, weather triggers, and more.

Powered by Predictive Analytics

Retalon's planning solution is powered by predictive analytics to provide accurate demand forecasts

End-to-End Integration

All Retalon solutions are fully integrated in a common predictive analytics platform.


Well-executed Auto-Replenishment process requires a quick analysis of large amounts of data on product/store sales and inventory. While this information changes constantly, the objective remains constant – maintain the right quantity of inventory in all locations. Recent changes in the retail industry have made AR more complex. Buying preferences are changing rapidly, e-commerce has become significant part of most retail businesses, following local demographics individual stores have developed individual demand patterns, competitive products are now available in your store (on mobile devices).




Retalon’s Auto-Replenishment system automatically determines optimal (model) quantities (MQ) and shipments/orders for all locations within the organizational hierarchy. An executed future demand forecast is a pre-requisite for the A&R system to run successfully. Once integrated with corporate policies and Retalon Business Rules, the A&R system creates a dynamic replenishment process that requires little or no manual intervention. All Replenishment rules consist only of three questions that need to be answered:


1. What Product(s) to Replenish?
2. Where to replenish?
3. How to replenish, i.e. what replenishment method should be used.

There are many great uses to Retalon’s auto-replenishment tool. Here are some common examples:


Replenishment for Fashion Retailers:
In fashion, fringe sizes don’t sell at the same pace or same way as core sizes. Stores frequently choose to simply not even carry certain sizes. Low, sporadic sales,  as well as sales artificially boosted by markdowns cannot provide enough meaningful data for standard forecasting & replenishment systems to work with. Retalon developed a special approach specifically for “sized” merchandise. This approach allows to not only replenish both core and fringe sizes appropriately, but also suggest opportunities to expand the size line to more stores.


Consider the Cannibalization of Demand Effect:
Certain types of merchandise should be replenished at a higher than product level. This approach is used to control Assortment Diversity. Wide diversity of similar products, each replenished individually inflates the inventory levels, but doesn’t generate extra sales due to cannibalization of demand.


Replenishment integrated with Promotions & Events:
Retalon is the first predictive analytics provider to truly integrate inventory management with promotions. Retalon identifies how each of your products was affected by an event (Eg. promo, moving holiday, or weather), predict the uplift in demand for future events and uses this information to proactively build the optimal inventory level to support the upcoming event. Don’t experience lost sales due to unexpected promotional uplift, and maintain a high level of customer service levels.


True Omni-Channel Approach:
Retalon treats your entire business as one omni-channel. All types of locations – whether it’s the WHS, DC, Stores, Kiosks, or E-Commerce, all channels should be part of one properly established replenishment process. Acquiring, owning, and managing inventory costs retailers money & resources. Retalon strategically distributed across your entire business to turn it at a highest possible rate.


Replenishment & Product End-of-Life:
Products at the end of their life cycle (EOL) require special approach in replenishment. When product approaches EOL, replenishment goes to the Constrained Inventory Phase. Retalon’s specially designed process allows the replenishment system to act intelligently when allocating the rest of product inventory.

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