Retail Planning Software

AI-Driven, end-to-end planning software for the full retailing life cycle

AI Powered Retail Planning Solutions:

Retalon’s analytics platform is built for unified commerce, integrating end-to-end planning with price, promotion, markdowns, and inventory optimization.

A Retail Plan Without the Tools to Execute is Just a Good Idea

Retalon’s software helps retailers build a truly integrated plan, automatically feeding data and targets downstream, giving you the tools to execute.


Our software doesn’t just help you optimize high-level financial, store, merchandise, and assortment targets using the world’s most accurate demand forecast — it uses those same targets to automatically generate and continually optimize POs for every store.


Retalon’s retail planning software will help you:

Take the guess-work out of setting your yearly sales, margin, and inventory targets with accurate demand forecasting

Automatically turn high-level targets into granular store and merchandise plans with retail AI

Confidently know how many unique items you should have in each category with state-of-the-art retail science

Eliminate manual reconciliation, data entry, and PO generation with intelligent automation

Hard Rock International- Customer Story


Danny Leadbeater, Sr. Director of Planning & Allocation

Retalon rose above everyone else with the science behind their forecast. We were able to trust the forecast they came up with 99.9% of the time.

A Retail Planning Process for the 21st Century


Gain an edge over your competition with a retail planning solution that leverages big data and advanced analytics

Leverage AI

Intelligently automate time consuming and repetitive data processes so your planners can focus on planning.

Gain New Visibility

Upgrade legacy business intelligence by unifying your analytics -- giving you unprecedented visibility.

Plan Confidently

Eliminate guesswork and gain strategic clarity with the world’s most accurate demand forecast.

Cut Inventory Costs

Shrink bloated assortment, eliminate inventory distortion, and prevent unnecessary markdowns with better data.

Improve Your Sales

Use our demand forecast to calculate lost opportunity and ensure you won’t make the same planning mistakes twice.

Deploy Quickly

No two retailers plan the same way. That’s why Retalon is highly configurable to any retail planning process.

Discover how Retalon’s AI can help your retail business optimize planning and maximize profit.

Financial Planning

All of the advanced analytics you need to confidently plan your high-level financial targets, including:


  • Sales
  • Margins
  • Inventory
  • And even your turn


Our financial planning solution connects your high-level data all the way to your individual stores and channels — flagging exceptions in your plan and automatically reconciling your data from beginning to end.


This means that you can divide planning by categories and departments — and reconcile all plans at the click of a button.


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Merchandise Planning

Turn your high-level financial targets into a granular, actionable, and fully optimized merchandise plan — broken up by week or month.


In practice, you’ll be able to automatically generate optimized OTB budgets, instantly link budgets to POs, and push the data into Retalon’s purchasing module.


If you purchase too much, our system will also flag or hard-stop purchases (based on your settings) — easily preventing over-purchasing, deadstock, and unnecessary markdowns.


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Simons – Customer Story


Peter Simons, CEO & President

We have one of the most complex assortments in the country... That's where Retalon comes in for me. Retalon helps us through that data on a very granular basis, and make very granular decisions.

Assortment Planning

Using cutting edge retail science, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence, Retalon’s software analyzes your assortment to make real, actionable recommendations.


This ensures that all of your assortment planning decisions are based on data and accurate forecasts — giving you a major leg up on the competition.


This not only allows you to optimize your existing assortment — you’ll also be able to proactively shrink or expand your assortment for maximum GMROI.


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Open-to-Buy Planning

Eliminate the headache of manually creating, managing, reconciling, and executing on your open-to-buy budgets.


Our advanced analytics system will automatically account for dozens of factors (including demand, seasonality, price, inventory, events, promotions, etc.) to provide optimized purchasing recommendations. Furthermore, the system will also automatically generate POs based on your OTB budget, automating a very time-consuming process.


This will let you not only reduce costs and minimize markdowns — but also increase sales by proactively investing into inventory with demand.


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