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Retail Planning Software

AI-Driven, end-to-end planning software for the full retailing life cycle.

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A retail plan without the tools to execute is just a good idea

Retalon’s software helps retailers build a truly integrated plan, automatically feeding data and targets downstream, giving you the tools to execute. Our software doesn’t just help you optimize high-level financial, store, merchandise, and assortment targets using the world’s most accurate demand forecast — it uses those same targets to automatically generate and continually optimize POs for every store.

Use advanced analytics to build a profitable, end-to-end, full-life-cycle retail financial plan.

Use Retalons advanced analytics to automate your merchandise planning and optimize for GMROI.

Easily create store plans and automatically optimize every channel, store-cluster and individual assortment.

Use advanced AI to know exactly when to expand and shrink assortment for maximum profitability.

Use AI to automate your open-to-buy budgeting, optimize purchasing, and eliminate out-of-stocks.

Retail Planning Solutions for the 21st Century

Gain an edge over your competition with a retail planning system that leverages big data and advanced analytics

Financial Planning.

Confidently plan your high-level targets. A financial planning solution connecting your high-level data all the way to your individual stores and channels — Our solution flags exceptions in your plan and automatically reconciles your data from beginning to end. Now you can divide planning by categories and departments and reconcile all plans at the click of a button. 
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Merchandise Planning.

Generate fully optimized merchandise plans. A merchandise planning solution that turns high-level financial targets into granular, actionable merchandise plans. The system generates optimized OTB budgets, links budgets to POs and integrates with our purchasing module. This prevents over-purchasing, deadstock and unnecessary markdowns by flagging or hard-stopping certain purchases.

Assortment Planning

Assortment plans built on data and accurate forecasts. An assortment planning solution that makes real, actionable recommendations using advanced analytics, and AI. The system generates accurate assortment decisions using real data and forecasts to help propel you past your competition. You’ll gain the ability to shrink or expand your assortment for improved GMROI and optimize your existing assortment.
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Open-to-Buy Planning

Automatically create, manage, reconcile and execute OTB budgets. An open-to-buy solution that provides optimized purchasing recommendations by accounting for dozens of factors. The system also generates POs based on your OTB budget, automating a very time-consuming process. This will reduce costs and markdowns while increasing sales by proactively investing in inventory with demand.

Benefits of Retalon's Retail Planning Software

Leverage AI

Intelligently automate time consuming and repetitive data processes so your planners can focus on planning.

Gain New Visibility

Upgrade legacy business intelligence by unifying your analytics -- giving you unprecedented visibility.

Plan Confidently

Eliminate guesswork and gain strategic clarity with the world's most accurate demand forecast.

Cut Inventory Costs

Shrink bloated assortment, eliminate inventory distortion, and prevent markdown losses with better data.

Improve Your Sales

Use our demand forecast to calculate lost opportunity and ensure you won't repeat planning mistakes twice.

Deploy Quickly

No two retailers plan the same way. That's why our AI is highly configurable to any retail planning process.

See Your Data In Action

Discover how Retalons AI can help your retail business optimize planning and maximize profits.