Retail Pricing Software

Unified Pricing, Promotions, & Markdown Optimization. Retail Pricing Solutions with advanced analytics and AI.

AI Powered Pricing, Promotion, and Markdown Optimization Solutions:

Retalon’s retail pricing solutions are built for unified commerce, and integrate fully with our planning and inventory optimization solutions.

Optimize prices throughout the entire product lifecycle with a retail pricing software built for modern retailers.

Retalon offers award-winning artificial intelligence solutions for pricing and promotions designed specifically for medium and large retail businesses. Our advanced analytics and retail AI engine is highly configurable, and can be rolled out in mere months for even the most complex and specialized retail organizations.


Discover powerful benefits with our smart solution suite:

Get recommendations for optimal prices

Improve the efficiency and profitability of your promotions

Run intelligent markdowns to maximise GMROI

Increase sales and profits across the full product life cycle

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Tom Shane, Executive Chairman

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Benefits of Retalon’s Retail Pricing Software


Discover the advantages of pairing advanced retail AI with retail pricing solutions.

Versatile Retail Pricing Software

Easily configure rules to fit your business, including price zones, store types, channels, currencies, and much more.

Streamlined & Scalable Workflow

Improve productivity with intelligent automation designed for scaling medium and large unified commerce retailers.

Advanced Pricing Analytics & AI

Account for dozens of variables simultaneously, including projected demand, seasonality, competition, cannibalization, price elasticity and more.

Smart Recommendations

Get proactive suggestions for optimal prices, profitable promotions, and smart markdown strategies

Unified Retail Pricing Software

Connect price management with promotions and markdown optimization to maximize GMROI and dramatically cut costs.

Build Scenarios & Run Simulations

Run simulations to see projected uplifts and profitability of promotions, projected GMROI on markdowns and more.

Discover how Retalon’s AI can help your retail business optimize pricing and maximize profit.

Price Management & Optimization Solution:

Retalon’s Advanced analytics intelligently and dynamically optimizes prices down to each product / location variation.


Optimize and manage prices throughout the entire product life cycle. From setting accurate initial prices for new products, to optimizing in-season pricing, improving promotions and getting the highest possible GMROI on markdowns.


This is a highly accurate and configurable retail pricing tool that will give you powerful control over your margins and consumer demand.


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Promotions and Events Solution:

Retalon’s Promotions Optimization Solution leverages advanced analytics and AI to continually suggest the most optimal promotions to maximize profit.

Reduce out-of-stocks and lost sales on retail promotions, and avoid cutting deep into your margins unnecessarily. Drive the right sales at the right time.

Leverage built-in simulations and “what-if” scenarios to project ROI before you launch promotions. This allows users to automatically adjust inventory levels, and run successful promotions.


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Markdown Optimization Solution:

Cut out unnecessary markdowns with smarter markdown strategies. Retalon’s analytics recommends the most profitable way to sell inventory that is approaching end-of-season.


Using intelligent signals, Retalon is able to identify slowing demand and build a markdown strategy to proactively reduce costs and boost profit margins.


Don’t just slash your prices indiscriminately. Set granular markdown strategies that are specific to product and location for better results and higher ROI.


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