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Retail Pricing Software

Unified pricing, promotions, and markdown optimization. Retail pricing solutions with advanced analytics and AI.

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Optimize prices using retail pricing software built for modern retailers

Retalon offers award-winning artificial intelligence solutions for pricing and promotions designed specifically for medium and large retail businesses. Our advanced analytics and retail AI engine is highly configurable and can be rolled out in mere months for even the most complex and specialized retail organizations.

Advanced pricing analytics software for full lifecycle management and optimization. 

Advanced pricing analytics software for full lifecycle management and optimization. 

Smart promotion optimization powered by advanced analytics.

Don’t leave money on the table. Ensure every markdown is maximally profitable.

AI-powered Pricing, Promotion, & Markdown Optimization Solutions

Retalon’s retail pricing solutions are built for unified commerce and integrate fully with our planning and inventory optimization solutions. 

Price Management & Optimization Solution

Retalon’s price management and optimization solution uses AI to set optimal prices for each product at any location. The system not only sets prices, but manages them throughout the entire product lifecycle. This process requires the solution to account for various influencing factors on a SKU level. As a result, you gain robust control over your margins and consumer demand.

Promotions and Events Solution

Retalon’s promotion optimization solution suggests optimal promotions that help drive profits. Our system uses advanced AI to create built-in simulations and “what-if” scenarios to project promotion ROI. As a result, you’ll reduce out-of-stocks, lost sales and avoid cutting deep into your margins. This allows you to gain more inventory control while also driving the right sales at the right time.

Markdown Optimization Solution

Retalon’s markdown optimization solution helps reduce unnecessary markdowns with smarter markdown strategies. Using intelligent signals, our system identifies slowing product demand. It then crafts a markdown strategy to help sell this inventory for the largest profit. As a result, you can set granular markdown strategies that are specific to the product and location for better results and higher ROI.

Benefits of Retalon's Retail Pricing Software

Versatile Pricing

Configure rules to fit your business, including price zones, store types, channels, currencies, and much more.

Efficient Workflow

Improve productivity with automation designed for scaling medium and large unified commerce retailers.

AI-Driven Pricing

Account for dozens of variables, such as; projected demand, seasonality, cannibalization, and more.

Smart Suggestions

Get proactive suggestions for optimal prices, profitable promotions, and smart markdown strategies.

Unified Pricing

Connect price management with promotions and markdown optimization to maximize GMROI.

Build Scenarios

Run simulations to see projected uplifts and profitability of promotions, GMROI on markdowns and more.

Get an analytic assessment on your data today.

Discover how Retalon's AI can help your retail business optimize pricing while maximizing profit.