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Returns Management Software

Use AI to reduce the cost (and sting) of returns.

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AI-driven returns management software

As omnichannel retail and BOPIS grow, customers expect convenient return options like BORIS (Buy Online, Return in Store), leading to increased costs and logistical challenges. Retalon’s AI-driven returns management solution optimizes reverse logistics, forecasts returns, suggests ideal return locations, and transfers products to high-demand areas. This reduces inventory costs, automates return flow, projects demand resale, and integrates returns into a unified order fulfillment process, saving time and resources.

Returns Management Software for Unified Commerce

Discover how you can intelligently optimize your reverse logistics management

Returns Management Powered by Advanced Analytics

Retalon streamlines returns by evaluating item conditions, suggesting ideal destinations, and simplifying processes. Leverage advanced analytics to optimize assortment, balance inventory, and strategically place merchandise for full-price sales.

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Unified approach to fulfillment, returns, and inventory management

Retalon’s unified platform offers award-winning inventory optimization solutions. Gain a comprehensive, dependable view of your business, trends, and inventory flow. This unified approach minimizes costs, waste, and markdowns while promoting sustainable, profitable retail operations.

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Benefits of returns management software

Retalon’s returns management software is part of a larger, unified inventory suite, tailor-made to simplify complex retailing.

Returns Insight

Gain full visibility into critical KPIs, and inventory flow down to store/SKU level through the entire product lifecycle.

Smart Automation

Set up smart triggers that automate the returns process making it cost efficient for retailers and easy for customers.

Unified Analytics

Manage returns as part of a unified analytics solution for inventory optimization, fulfillment, and returns.

Eco Retailing

Retalon empowers retailers to operate sustainably. Reduce waste, cut costs, and decrease needless markdowns.

AI Suggestions

Retalon recommends how to best return a product to cut costs, and bring it to a location with demand for resale.

Smooth Integration

Retalon's software integrates with your existing ERP software, OMS platform, or even homegrown solution.

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