Returns Management Software

Use AI to reduce the cost (and sting) of returns.

AI-Powered Inventory Optimization Solutions:

Retalon’s inventory suite is built to help retailers reduce their operating costs while increasing their revenues.

AI-driven returns management software

With the rise of omnichannel retailing and convenient fulfillment options like BOPIS (Buy Online, Pickup in Store), your customers expect equally convenient return options like BORIS (Buy Online, Return in Store).  But this can quickly create ballooning costs for your organization.


Not only are customers returning 50% more products than they did in 2020, but they’re also doing it in a way that may be costing your company significantly more (by returning products to locations with low demand or long reverse supply chains).


Retalon’s returns management solution was built to address these challenges. Our AI helps retailers optimize every step of their reverse logistics — including forecasting returns by SKU and location, suggesting optimal return location for customers, automatically transferring returned products to the closest locations with the highest demand, and calculating the most cost-effective methods and routes for returned products.


This will help you:

Reduce inventory costs, markdowns, and needless waste

Intelligently automate your return flow to save time, and resources

Project demand and return products accordingly for resale

Optimize returns as part of your unified order fulfillment process

Simons – Fashion Retailer


Peter Simons, President & CEO

We have to make a lot more decisions based on probability. The better decision we make, the more it comes back to benefit everyone, the customer, the environment, and Simons. Retalon is really at the heart of making those better decisions.

Benefits of Return Management Powered by Retalon


Discover how you can intelligently optimize your reverse logistics management:

Insight into Returns Lifecycle

Gain full visibility into critical KPIs, and inventory flow down to store/SKU level through the entire product lifecycle

Intelligent Automation

Set up smart triggers that automate the returns process making it easy for customers and cost efficient for retailers

Unified Inventory Analytics

Manage returns as part of a unified analytics solution for inventory optimization, fulfillment and returns.

Greener Planet. Greener Financials.

Retalon empowers retailers to operate sustainably. Reduce waste, cut costs, and decrease needless markdowns.

AI-Powered Recommendations

Retalon intelligently recommends how to best return a product to cut costs and bring it to a location with demand for resale.

Integrate with Any Platform

Retalon's software seamlessly integrates with your existing ERP software, OMS platform, or even homegrown solution.

Discover the power of analytics-based returns management system
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Returns Management Powered by Advanced Analytics

Leverage a highly accurate demand forecast to determine the optimal location to send returns to.


Retalon offers a unique ability to help customers rate the condition of the item, determine if it can go directly back on the shelf, and suggest the optimal destination for return labels to simplify the returns process.


Under the hood, our advanced analytics system will use returns to help you rebuild assortment, balance inventory across your channels, and bring merchandise to locations that have the highest probability of selling the item at full price.

Unified approach to fulfillment, returns, and inventory management

Retalon provides retailers with an award-winning suite of solutions of inventory optimization all unified on one platform.


From forecasting demand, purchasing and allocation, to order fulfillment and returns. Retailers are able to get a holistic, and reliable view of their business, projected trends, and inventory flow.


Having a unified approach to inventory management and returns significantly reduces inventory costs, markdowns, waste, and allows retailers to operate in a sustainable and profitable way in the digital world.

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