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Safety Stock Optimization Software

Use AI to reduce inventories and operational costs without losing sales

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Only add safety stock
when it adds value

Retalon’s AI can help you accurately predict demand for every SKU (at every location), account for supply chain / vendor volatility, and generate cost-optimized POs precisely when re-orders need to be placed.

Automatic Safety Stock Optimization Using Retail AI

Minimize overstock and supply chain risk at the same time

Maximize your margins with
optimized safety stock

Overstocks and out-of-stocks are destroying your margins, and “min-max” rules-of-thumb are no longer cutting it. Combining the world’s most accurate demand forecast with intelligent automation allows you to know exactly what to order and when.

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Protect your safety stock from supply chain uncertainty

It’s more important than ever to account for volatility in supply chains. It’s not enough to know how much stock you need to have. You also need to know when to order to ensure supply chain disruptions don’t leave you without stock.

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Benefits of Safety Stock Optimization Software

Retalon’s safety stock optimization software is part of a larger, unified inventory suite, tailor-made to simplify complex retailing.

Maximize Sales

Combine the world's most accurate forecast with intelligent automation to ensure you're not losing sales.

Reduced Costs

Automatically find opportunities to decrease inventory without
increasing risk.

Minimize Risk

Use AI to account for (and protect yourself from) volatility in demand and variability in lead times.

Product Protection

Easily set special rules to ensure that your best-performing products are protected and given additional leeway.

Smooth Integration

Integrate with any retail ERPs on the market, or even proprietary, homegrown solutions.

Quick ROI

Deploy the solution in one fiscal quarter, and start seeing ROI in as quickly as
two quarters.

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