Retalon Technology

Highly Flexible Technology


Built on the most advanced technologies, Retalon provides customers with the complete freedom regarding the required IT infrastructure.

Works on any Hardware & OS

Running on Apache Tomcat, Retalon server code can be implemented on any operating system, including Windows Server, UNIX, LINUX, and others

In-Memory Calculations

Data stored in Random Access Memory (RAM) is accessed much quicker that querying a database, so in-memory processing allows data to be analyzed faster, enabling shorter batch processing windows, and real time reporting.

Works With Any Relational Database

Retalon system uses JDBC and Hibernate to access data stored in any relational database, including MS SQL, DB2, ORACLE, My SQL and other databases

Available on the Cloud

Retalon system can be deployed and utilized in-premises or on cloud. We leave this choice for the customers.

Peace of Mind


We take security very seriously. Retalon has adopted the industry’s security standards and best practices.

Strong Data Security

In addition to standard Information security controls, Retalon has implemented a proprietary encryption for data storage in the database and data transfer. One less thing for our customers to worry about.

Access Security & Control

Each user can only access the system from the authorized device, with the strictly regulated credentials. The access is granted to a specific (managed by administrator) scope of data, screens, reports, and level (W/R)

Our Development Approach


We love to build smart & intuative software that retailers enjoy to use. We pride ourselves in our clean code, and our efficient software development process.

Agile Development Methodology

Retalon uses Agile Methodology for software development. This method assists teams in responding to the unpredictable & dynamic nature of software development. It also provides more flexibility and creates truly collaborative team environment.

Automated Unit Testing

Retalon has a stringent, extensive, and automated unit testing process. Our test driven development ensures consistent quality with each new deployment.

Maven - One Click Deployment

Maven is a build automation tool that Retalon uses to deploy new releases in an efficient, and comprehensive way. This ensure that all components are synchronized and deployed together.

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